Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been a Long Time

I guess it is about time I stop by blog land and say hello to all my friends.

Unfortunately this is going to be a very short post. I am typing this with one finger on my left hand, and I am right handed, a very difficult and painful thing to do. More about that later.

The dogs are all doing alright, except for Jarie. I mentioned in my last post about the virus all the dogs here caught. Since then, Jarie has gone downhill a bit. She already had a compromised immune system, and we think the virus just set her whole system out of wack. We struggle with getting her to eat, to prevent the vomiting, to prevent the digestive upset, and last but not least, to prevent her from bleeding internally, since she has von Willebrands Disease. Many ear infections, eye infections and sores popping up all at once. The one blessing with all of this is Jarie continues to be the very happy dog she is. I hurt to see what she is going through, and we struggle for answers, to help her the best we can through the knowledgable vets we have and from all the support and help our friends have given us. She is worth fighting for, and we will continue the fight.

I know many of you are wondering about Annie. In our eyes, she is perfect. She is what our house needed. She is doing well in agility and obedience, and her manners are coming along nicely. She is a very confident girl, and to her, everyone, human and animal, are her friend. I will post photos another time.

Now, back to my one finger typing. I fell last week. I dislocated my right shoulder, but not only that, I also broke it in 2 different spots. Gave myself a very nice black eye, as a result of hitting the table when I fell. I have been in a lot of pain, and can't do much for myself. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who not only is doing his job, but caring for me, and taking care of the house chores and all the critters too. I'm scheduled to have surgery this Thursday, and start physical therapy on Friday. I have significant nerve damage in my right arm and hand. The Orthopedic surgeon said some of the feeling will return over several months time, but it won't be the same. As of right now, I have very little feeling in my right hand.

So, not a great update for being away so long, and probably not that pretty to read. I do apologize for the one finger, left handed sloppiness.

Hugs to all!


Far Side of Fifty said...

It has been a long time..but worth the wait..but I feel so bad for you a bum shoulder. That is no fun, I hope your surgery goes ok and your recovery is short. I am glad to hear that Annie is doing ok, she is such a cutie, poor Jarie..so many things wrong..but she keeps plugging along..some animals are all heart. Take Care..and you type fine left handed! :)

Jane said...

It was great to see your post. I hope that you mend very quickly!


Phyllis said...

I have been wondering and waiting for you to post again and hoped you hadn't disappeared like so many other bloggers.

Poor Jarie. I hate that she is struggling and know you will do the right thing if necessary.

How horrible for you to have hurt yourself so badly! I just read Fiona's post (Designs by Fee) who also fell this week and broke her wrist.

Get well soon. I'm glad you have a loving husband to help you.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Dang, T! This is not what I wanted to hear! I was expecting, when you got back to the blog, all kinds of good stuff!

That must have been some kind of fall! So sorry you;re hurting!

Hubby's a keeper, huh?

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I have followed your saga on FB but glad to see you blog,even though it is difficult. I'm so sorry for your fall and also for all you are ging through with Jarie-it is so hard to see our little guys having health issues. Hard to believe we lost our Sadie one year ago. I will keep you in prayer for a very speedy and complete healing.
Hugs to you today my friend.
Noreen & Reggie-dog

Fireblossom said...

Annie, take good care of T!

Much love and healing thoughts, girl.


Freya's Staff said...

sorry to hear youve been through the wars recently! :-( get well soon!

Anya said...

Happy New Year!!
We wish you a joyful life
full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

Hugs Love Anya

Kareltje =^.^=

Betsie =(^.^)=

♥Caroline♥ said...

wow, I will be praying for you and Jarie! Hope all goes well!

DayPhoto said...

WOW! I'm so surprised that you could even type at all. I just know the pain is next to impossible...Jarie so much like you. No wonder she plugs along...

Sending you prayers and hugs,

Toyin O. said...

Feel better soon:)