Friday, November 21, 2008

Crazy 80's

Just like the title says, except it isn't just the crazy 80's, it is in fact a Crazy 80's Christmas!
You read that right. My hubby's company Christmas Party is going to be an 80's theme.

Now, I am such a party pooper. I told him I was not going to dress up for the 80's. No way, no how. Not to mention I have no clue what to wear, although I did attend high school in the 80's, but I really don't want to go back there. Hubby told me we have to go, and I told him that is fine, but I am wearing *NORMAL* clothes.

Well, I have known about this for a month, and the party is coming up in just a few weeks. Hubby mentioned this Crazy 80's party again this morning. I guess I have put this off long enough. I have to go. I have to dress for the 80's. Hubby is the boss, I am the boss's wife, so it IS a must. I am not going to win this fight. So, on top of dealing with all the craziness, and ups and downs of my household lately. I am now on a mission, to find that perfect 80's outfit. What to wear, what to wear. So many decisions.

Hubby will make a PERFECT Don Johnson from the Miami Vice days, oh yeah, I could create that look for him. No problems there. Just have to go find a white suit. Hmmm, I wonder if I can get away with another color? Probably not.
I can just picture me, the boss's wife, showing up like this. YIKES What the reputation I might get, the talk of the party for sure. No, not me. No way, no how!
Oh, this is me, all the way, casual with a little sex appeal. I WANT to go casual.
I think I had this exact outfit in high school, and I hate to admit this, but I like it! Too casual, I know.
Well, back to searching for ideas for this Crazy 80's Christmas Party. Maybe I can pretend I am really sick on the day of the party?


Mrs.Ruiz said...

That sounds like fun. Weren't neon colors in and leg warmers. I was in elementary school and I remember neon colors. I know you dont post pics but maybe a shoulder down shot, i want to see your get up's.

Shirla said...

That party sounds so fun! I googled it and a ton of stuff popped up. Since your the bosses wife how about dressing like Krystal Carrington from the TV show Dynasty? ;)

Its funny that your guilty of empty boxes in the pantry like my sons! lol

Betty said...

I don't think you can be too casual for the '80' was a pretty casual time compared to the previous decades. Why not just be comfortable; I know you will look adorable no matter what you wear! Have fun searching the 'recycled clothing stores' for that white suit for your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! I think we need pictures!!

If it's any help I saw some stirrup pants at the mall for the first time in 20 years. :D

Daniela said...

ok, whatever you do, you have to have poofy sleeves and HUGE hair. Was farrah fawcett hair in the 70's or 80's? Lots of hairspray, I do remember that. Whatever you wear, have fun, the 80's were kinda cool.

Dog_geek said...

Hee hee heee!! (I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you... kind of.) I agree that Big Hair is a must, and that you should post pictures.

TC said...

"Hubby is the boss, I am the boss's wife, so it IS a must."

Is this a mutual agreed upon relationship?

flydragon said...

Ohhh, hunky Don Johnson....Oh this post was about you, wasn't it.....ohhh dashing Don....Sorry, what was the problem again?.....

T said...

Yes, leg warmers and neon colors were in. I don't think there was any one style, but many styles, but it was an era of everything big, and colorful.

Shirla- I thought about Krystal Carrington, But I would want to wear a big hat, and I think it would bother me all night. It should be a fun night though.

Betty- I am leaning toward more casual, I want to be comfortable, and since it is the 80's anything goes, right?

dawnptrsn- stirup pants! Yikes! LOL. Not for me!

Daniela- Thanks for commenting. Big Hair, I can do. I have long layers, so I can do the farrah Fawcett look, or any of the big hair looks in the 80's. I even still own a crimping iron, packed away somewhere!

Dog geek- Go ahead, you can laugh, because I will be laughing at myself the entire night. Pictures? Uh, I will think about it. But, I will post pictures of the party. We will see how the night goes. HEE,Hee, hee!

Thanks for comment. No worries. Take that quote as my dry sense of humor. My hubby and I have a very close reletionship, and it is a mutual agreed upon relationship. We poke fun and laugh at each other all the time. He reads my blog daily, so that was for him.:))

T said...

LOL! Hey, that is ok, I am excited about Don Johnson, my hubby will look just like him, he already has similar looks, I can pull that look off!
Me, well, I can be many, Hee Hee Hee!!

TC said...

I kinda figured it was. ;~)

Anonymous said...

My dear Daughter
I believe you can be whomeveryou want. You are beautiful the way you are everyday

Mrs.Ruiz said...

How is your costume hunting coming along?

Stacy said...

I TOTALLY had that fringe jacket!!! Everyone was so envious!

You could easily do that 80's workout look! Get a sweatshirt and cut around the collar so the opening is big and let it hang off one shoulder while exposing a bright pink tank top (or some other bright color). Stretch shoes...DOUBLE LAYER the socks! OH and some kind of know...the around the forhead kind.
OH and HEAVY on the makeup...especially pink blush! You should find a tape playing walkman and walk around with the earphones around your neck!
Sounds like fun! Have fun with it and just have a good time!! :)