Monday, February 23, 2009

What Happened To Work Ethics

People often refer to someone having a good work ethic as someone who works hard, showing your coworkers and superiors that you care about your work. Being that person can help build a great reputation. Being reliable, professional and having a positive attitude helps promote good work ethic.

So what has happened to work ethic? People feel they have an entitlement to everything they want, but they don't want to work for it. Just showing up at work, they think that is all that is required of them.

Chatting on cell phones and/or text messaging friends and family, while at work is NOT good work ethic. There is always someone that wants your job and will get it if you don't work hard and become a team player.

My hubby has a very important job and works all the time. He is always at work. He works 7 days a week, and puts in 12 hour days most days, sometimes even more. Because of poor work ethics, with many of his employees he is always having to take up the slack, or fix problems, that should have never occurred in the first place if he had employees that cared.

One would think with today's economy people would be determined to work hard and prove to be good employees with good work ethics, to hopefully keep their job.

All of hubby's employees are paid very well, and have excellent benefits, yet even after many meetings about not showing up late for work, taking extended lunch breaks, texting and chatting on cell phones, not meeting deadlines, nothing has changed. Do people just don't care anymore?

Now this week starts the first on his list of many that are being fired, not due to downsizing, as his company is actually doing quite well, but due to poor work ethics.

Just a little addition to this little rant, because I know my hubby will be reading this, I really hope he finds good replacements very soon, as I really am missing having my hubby around. The single life just isn't for me. I think I forgot how to cook.


Betty said...

I surely do hope he gets some good employees; there are so many out there. Unsatisfactory employees need a boot in the butt! And I hope you get your hubby back soon!

flydragon said...

It amazes me too, when I see the way some people "work". How can they be dumb enough not to know that there is a line of people out there waiting to take their jobs. Kick all the slackers out!! Of course that will mean more work for your hubby at the begining, with training and all, but will make a world of difference in the long term.

Lucy said...

What I hated about working was the gossip and the back stabbing. We're all there for the same purpose...a job. And it still amazes me how it cannot be a 'team' situation anymore. It's so dirty now. It's why I finally left. That and a wicked principal. Wasn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

I sure can understand what you are saying. AMEN sister.My hubby is up in management and has many under him. The sad thing
is the one above him doesn't do or know his job so guess who stays up doing it for him? Yep you got it. Even when we go on vacation he always sends hubby work to do. We have even had to stop and find a computer hookup for him to work and send in. Not his,but his boss.
We are paid well,but not enough to do the head mans job while he shows up and takes all the credit for what my husband does!

Jan said...

Unfortunately there will always be those that do not arrive on time, take longer lunches, make too many personal phone calls, steal from the company, the list goes on and on. Too bad they don't realize that in these economic times they are lucky to have a job and there is someone waiting to take that job if you aren't careful. Some have to learn the hard way.

Dog_geek said...

I'm sure he'll be able to find some good people to hire. Mr. Geek's company just fired a few people for similar reasons - coming in late, sleeping on the job, working out during work hours... they have a very low tolerance for that sort of thing.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Your hubby is doing the right thing. Im sure there are plenty of hard working people just looking for an opportuinity to proove that they got what it takes. I wish him the best. It must be hard to fire someone. even if they do deserve it. And i agree with you T., it does stink to be single:(

Phyllis said...

I agree with you that a lot of people seem to think life owes them everything w/o working for it. I am one that usually does my best at most jobs I've had. I've slacked occasionally, but for the most part not. I've always resented the people that were able to keep their job but didn't pull their weight.

Your hubby needs to let those slackers go and replace them with people that WANT to work!

Crockpots are good, btw :)

Carolina said...

I hope you get your hubs back soon. It must be very frustrating for him too.
Good luck!

Jan said...

Happy Fat Tuesday! Paczki are heavy jelly donuts that Polish women used to make the day before Lent starts to get rid of the sugar and fat in their kitchen. I made a clickable link in my post to explain Paczki but I don't think anyone clicked on it. Heavy sigh!!!!

Jane said...

I run a a home-health based, private practice and have witnessed what you describe here, particularly when it comes to office staff. I have had a real problem getting quality resumes from qualified people. The last office hire had a high school education, zero work experience, but yet she presented me with a 10 page resume that turned out to be mostly lies. I am now managing the office and business myself.

Further, your thoughts on entitlement are right on target. We are currently discussing that in one of my classes, as trying to teach those with this view can be a real challenge.

Thanks for the great post,


♥Caroline♥ said...

I know exactly what you mean! People want paychecks, but the heck with earning them.