Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeni, and Random Thoughts

I seem to have less and less time to just sit at the computer and post on my blog lately. Many people have been asking me why I don't post more frequently. So for those wonderful, well meaning friends out there, that do not understand, I will explain.

I run a licensed daycare/preschool out of my home. I normally will get on my computer, if the children are sleeping, or have not arrived yet or have gone home for the day. Although business is slow these days, I do still have children to care for, and deal with random inspections from our Licensing office, Fire Department, and Health Department.

Dogs, cats, everywhere. Four dogs, (still having a hard time getting use to only having four now) and twelve cats, yikes! Yes, Seven cats inside, and the five ferals outside (often times, more). Plus normal trapping and rescue work. They all take quite a bit of my time. Between bathing, brushing, exercising, feeding, and cleaning up after all of them, oh and lets not forget just the cuddle and play time. I don't have much time left at the end of the day. Yes, I still have the normal household chores, and being a good wife. ( I do try, thank goodness hubby is a patient man).

Besides just my normal daily routines, we have had a few changes going on here in my house. My dogs are all requiring some extra attention right now. Between all of Jarie's health issues, which is a constant battle, Jessi's wild and energetic nature that keeps me moving, and reminding me that we have to forget our troubles and just take a few minutes each day to let our minds relax and get out and play. Then there is Bandit, oh boy, I think I will wait and share what I have to say about him in a special post.

Jeni, she is the reason I am posting today. She is having a very difficult time. For the past couple months she has been very stressed. Her stress escalated after we lost Jake. Jeni has always been very sound sensitive, and very in tune with our moods. She has always been my shadow and follows my every step.

She has become afraid of my hubby's cell phone. This all started when he received a phone call in the middle of the night from the alarm company for his work. As you can imagine being awakened from a sound sleep for the third night in a row, and have to get up and drive a half hour to your work place, you are not going to be very happy. His tone scared Jeni, and now she associates anytime he is on his cell phone, with his stress.

Now you all may be thinking this is an easy fix, just change the ring tone. Not quite that easy, the phone doesn't have to ring to stress Jeni, all hubby has to do is touch it. This has gotten to the point that Jeni almost broke her legs trying to get to me when he answered his phone. She was lying in his lap when he picked up his phone and Jeni leaped out of his lap and came running into the kitchen to find me, then she jumped up onto the kitchen counter. She couldn't hold on, and fell to the floor. Fortunately just a temporary limp that only lasted a few minutes.

So, lots of little issues we are now working on in my crazy house. Jeni loves hubby, and enjoys spending every moment she can with him when he is home, so we are working on this and will get her through it, lots of counter conditioning. No matter how well trained you think your dog is, training never stops.

For the past two weeks, all of us here only manage about four hours of sleep, so I think it is easy to say we are all tired and a bit stressed. I have neglected some good friends and very important people in my life this past month, not intentionally, my family is just needing a lot of my time right now.
She looks so tired here.
If you can, please keep some positive thoughts for Jeni, she can really use them.
I will try and catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend.


DayPhoto said...

Jeni is so sweet! Good luck, my thoughts are with you!


You forgot that you are also a dog trainer with a dog training business.

Betty said...

I'll certainly keep a good thought for you, Jeni and all of your household! I know how very busy you are. Just know that I am here if you need to talk (until July 6). I always enjoy your posts, no matter how often or how seldom you are able to put something up. Take care, my friend.

Lisa said...

Jeni is just beautiful! I am so sorry that she is not adjusting well....boy, you take for granted just how fragile and sensitive an animal can be....bless her heart!

I have a dear friend who lost her rescue pup that came to her 8 years ago...looking for his forever home..((little did "they" know he had found it in her.)) I am going to send her to your blog. I know she will enjoy reading about you and your family ((all of them)) :-).

As for time to catch up and blog time...boy do I know what you are saying!! I think of you and my other blogging freinds.... I wonder how things are going but it just seems so hard to visit these you, I have to much going on... so much to deal with ~

We will be here Dear T...don't worry

Like you I hope to catch up on all your past posts I have missed.

Much Love,

Lisa said...


Your Grandfather was brillant!! :-)

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

aw T!!! And all along I thought you were outside enjoying some awesome weather!!! You better be making some time for that, too. Summer is too short!!!

Stumpy is a reactive dog and each time we have her latest hysteria conquered, she finds something new.

The phone ringing, though...dang, that's a tough one. maybe some desensitizing excersizes away from home, where she isn't ready and waiting for the phone to ring... Yeah, in your spare time, right?

Lots of positive thoughts headed your way.

Dana said...

Poor Jeni:( I hope she gets back on track soon. My thought are with you and yours. Have a great weekend T. Im glad you enjoyed the e-mail.

Rob said...

I totally get where you are coming from and you are way busier than I ever am.

We all will live our lives and see you when you check in and write. You are doing great things for others in need.

My best wishes to you and the animals!


Wow... there is alot going on. I wish I had some good suggestions for fear based behaviors but I don't. I can send positive thoughts. She looks like a sweet sweet girl. What do the other dogs do when she panics? Do they try to correct her or anything? Jake sure was a powerful stable pack leader...


Laura said...

Sweet Jeni, I'm so sorry she is going through this - dogs are so in tune with what is going on around them, and I'm sorry she is missing her pal. I'll keep her (and you) in my thoughts, and hope that she can get over the cell phone phobia.

Phyllis said...

Poor Jeni. It's so hard to "un-do" some of the behavior changes.

I think a lot of people are busier now than in the colder months, so don't apologize for not updating your blog frequently. I'm not able to either due to trying to keep up with everything by myself.

I hope that some "normalcy" returns to your and yours soon so you can all rest and enjoy each other.

mylittlebecky said...

aaw, such cute pictures. positive vibes coming your way :)

Life With Dogs said...

Wow does this sound familiar. Sola has developed similar sound phobias that we are trying to work out, and I'm matching your sleep schedule. I certainly understand that life goes on outside of blogging. You have bigger fish to fry. :)

tula said...

Oh T, taking care of your family definitely is a priority. Don't worry about his bloggiepals.. we're always here when you have the time.

Losing a furriend is a hard adjustment..Jeni girl will get through it. Can you teach her to go to a safe place like a mat or crate when she feels nervous?? The phone could be a cue to go to your mat & treat her for that. Then you wouldn't have to worry about any accidents with jumping. Just a suggestion.

Slobs & kiss kisses,

Jan Mader said...

Jeni DOES look tired in the photo. Remember you told me not to post again until I was ready...I'm going to give you the same advice back. We'll be here.

Also...I didn't know you ran a daycare! Some of the books I have written are for very young children. I have a few extra here. Would you like me to send you a couple? Let me know! Jan

Lucy said...

What a sweet, sweet dog. My heart is out to her. Thank heaven she is living where she is and has wonderful care and understanding. Humans have to remember that animals were created to have feelings and emotions just like we were. I love all of them.

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

I saw a show on Animal Planet about noises and dogs just the other day. What they did was each and every time the noise happened, they would give the dog one of his favorite treats. It took a while but after several days, the dog began to relate the noise with something good...the treat and didn't stress out anymore.

The Cat Diva said...

Wow - what good works you do! And I am sending Jeni positive vibes, hoping it will work out! Blessings to you!