Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yes, my name is T, and I must confess, I am a *Toyaholic*. I just can't help it. My dogs are very, very spoiled. I think they have too many toys.

Have you ever walked into a Petsmart or Petco, and walked down the toy isle and resisted the temptation to purchase that cute little squeaky hedgehog? What about the Teddy bear with a velcro opening to replace the squeaker when it breaks? Oh lets not forget the long little doggy we all have come to know and love called Bo Bo from the Petsmart commercials. Every dog needs a BoBo!!

Oh, my addiction is not just with dog toys, but cat toys too! I think I need help. My husband just rolls his eyes at me when I have to make a quick turn down the kitty isle and pick up something new. "but, the cats just love them", I say. "it keeps them from being lazy". Think my husband goes for those excuses? I doubt it, but he just smiles back at me and says "those cats have it made".
Yes, they do.

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