Friday, August 22, 2008


I don't really have a reason to start this blog, other then to write about the many adventures, ups and downs in my not so boring life.

I have five dogs currently, and they are a huge part of my life, so most likely I will be writing and sharing many adventures of their lives and how they make mine whole.

I also have six rescued feral cats in a room I created solely for them. I am very passionate about all living species, nature, humanity. I help rescue stray and feral cats, and try to rehabilitate them, if possible so they can find a forever inside home. Otherwise, I get them tnr'd, (trap/neuter/return), and let them live their life as a feral, but under the watchful eye of a caregiver (another rescue volunteer, sometimes me), that provides food, and medical when needed.

I have a colony of feral cats that live in my backyard I care for, and have grown to love, but are not tame, so I will be writing about them, and my many adventures they put me through.

I also run a childcare/preschool out of my home, so between the cats, dogs, and 6 small children under the age of five, I am sure I will find plenty to write about.

Oh, and lets not forget my wonderful, supporting husband, who at the end of the day, I can finally sit down. relax, take a breath, and enjoy a quiet, peaceful evening with, until we start all over again, with our many adventures.


Betty said...

T-this comment is just for you. I've been pretty careful about not identifying where I live due to some things I have heard about blogging.

I just read your first post and came all the way forward. I thought I had read them, but missed this one somehow. I think many of your posts will bring tears to my eyes because of the special bond you have with your furry friends. We don't have children and our little ones bring such joy to us. My family is quite used to my ramblings about our adoptees.

I hope you and I can meet in November. The sister who's coming out from Arkansas has three tabbies she and her husband have rescued. She and I would both love to meet you and see your "cat house" and meet your dogs, as well.

I'll wait to hear from you.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

T, thanks for taking time out to read and comment on the giantspeckledchihuahua.

I have spent the last couple of hours getting to know you and your pack; laughed and cried and finally, am in awe of your commitment and busy life.

I am not too much of a cat person, but am entirely sympathetic with the overwhelming feral cat situation. I live next to a rather large population and have taken to feeing them and making sure there is water and am looking for help with tnr.

It wasn’t too long ago that I moved to this dirt town (a long story) and have found the resources for animal welfare to be non existent.

I am looking forward to reading more about your Aussies and GSDs. I have been blessed to have the company of both and in my humble opinion those two breeds are the ones to have if you are into working dogs at all. There may be dogs that are faster or smarter, but when it comes to integrity no other breed can hold a candle to either.

Keep us posted!!!