Sunday, August 24, 2008

Video Bar

I was just sitting here watching all the video's in my video bar, so I thought I should explain them a bit, for those that may be interested.

Those video's are all mine. The bar shows 4 video's, and periodically they change. I only have five video's on youtube at this time.

There are 3 separate video's of Oscar, one of my ferals. Oscar, Oscar 2, and Oscar's New World. I refer to Oscar as my Angel Boy. I believe he came into my life at a very important and needed time in my life. My husband and I had seen him roam my neighborhood for several years. Fighting with other unaltered tom cats, spraying the neighborhood, trying to let all the other toms know this was his territory. Many times I would see him sitting right outside my front window, covered in blood, open wounds on his neck, face, legs. He was a mess. He would come into my cat shelter I have in my back yard for all the ferals I tnr'd, to eat, then leave very quickly.

He was not very regular when he came around, so I never attempted to trap him. I was always under the impression he was a very mean tomcat. Then something changed.

January of 2007, he started staying in my shelter, sleeping in one of the cuddlers I had on their shelter houses. He would leave when he heard me coming, then eventually he started staying. We had another very mean tomcat come in and attack him quite often. Every day, every night, we would hear the awful, screaming, yowling cat fights. My husband and I would both go running outside with squirt bottles to break up the fights. When I originally named Oscar, his name was Oscar the grouch, soon I realized, he wasn't a grouch at all. He was a lover, not a fighter. He was tired of running, fighting. He just wanted a safe place to eat and sleep.

Over the next several weeks I worked really hard to trap him, he wasn't interested. So, the next step was to work on gaining his trust. I would often cry when I would see him bleeding from another fight. I was able to clean his wounds a bit, but couldn't pick him up. He soon realized I was protecting him, when the other cat would come around and start a fight, I would get the other cat to leave, and Oscar would look up at me and crawl back into his cuddler.

I never did trap Oscar, I realized all I had to do was pick the cuddler up while he was sleeping in it, and put the cuddler with him in a carrier. Couldn't get any easier then that. He loved his cuddler. His one safe place he found.

So the next few weeks, he stayed at my friends in her bathroom, recovering from his neuter, wounds, and then bathed. We introduced him to her foster cats, to see how he would be. All was good, then the day came. He came home. Yes, you all didn't think after all that work, I would let him live anywhere else did you? The truth is, I fell head over heals in love with this cat, he had to come back to me.

In a sense, he rescued me. At the time he came in my life, I was ready to give up rescuing feral cats. I had just lost one of my precious ferals, a pretty little torti, named Turtle. She and her mommy, Mama Cat, are the reason I have a cat room. Turtle died of complications from an Upper respiratory infection, after I brought 2 other ferals ( Ashley and Delilah), into the cat
room. I blamed myself, and told myself I would never bring another cat inside. I loved Turtle so very much, and miss her terribly. She was only 2 years old when she died. I didn't want to rescue anymore. I lost many ferals in the past, but not one I brought inside.

Oscar opened my heart again. He is a very special boy. He comes with a lot of scars. Part of his left eyelid is missing, his tongue is slit, his front leg had been fractured at one time. His pads are all calloused, and all his back nails are deformed. With all of those imperfections, he is the most perfect cat. When he looks into my eyes, I feel like I can see inside his soul. He has such a loving, wise way about him.

So, back to the video's, they tell his story, starting from outside, to recovering at my friends, then at home in my cat room. I hope you all enjoy them.

The other video shows many of the ferals in my colony in my back yard. Some are still there, some have been tamed and adopted, a few are now in my cat room, and others have passed on and waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Then there is the Video of Benny, my Newfoundland. He passed away right before his 3rd birthday, so that video is in remembrance of him.

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