Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hungry Stray Kitty

I have been seeing this little stray/feral cat sleeping on top of the shed with the other ferals in my back yard lately. He isn't here everyday that I have seen, but he may be coming very late at night, when I am not up and watching for him.

Three nights ago, as I was going out to feed the other ferals, there he was, waiting, perhaps hoping for some can food too. After setting all the bowls down for the others, I slowly walked toward him, as he was standing on the catwalk, he was cautious, but was more interested in the food.
Look at him. Skinny, matted, eye infections. As he stood and ate, all the other ferals stood by and watched and waited for him to finish. I had to stand guard and make sure the others did not take his food. We all stood there for 45 minutes. Yes, it took that long for him to finish his 5oz of can food. Look at those poor eyes. The poor baby, my heart just breaks for him. After eating, he looks like he is saying "Thank You".

It is apparent he once probably had a home. Was he dumped? Was he lost? Looking at his teeth, he is young. In my neighborhood, cats are being left and dumped all the time. The very reason I have so many ferals showing up, more cats being born feral.

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