Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love to tell the story of how my husband and I met. This particular event in my life I do believe was fate.

Twenty Two years ago on the night of New Years Eve, I was debating which party I wanted to attend, or should I say who I wanted to attend with. I was currently engaged (I know, you are all now thinking "T, you bad girl"), my fiance was in the military and in another country for a few months. I had a gut feeling our relationship was ending once he left, but I was in denial, at that moment, and was still planning on joining him soon.

I had two different girlfriends that invited me out, so I had to decide who I wanted to spend the evening with. So, I decided to go with C, since she was more responsible, and I just knew we would have a better time together.

A little background on what my husband tells me. He was in the military at the time, and he had asked this nice girl to the same party I was going to attend. When he had confirmed his date with this girl, she had forgotten that she had committed to go out with someone else that night. She told my husband she would rather go with him, but being the gentleman that he is, he told her, "you made plans with him first, it wouldn't be fair to break that engagement, we will get together at a later date". Isn't he just the sweetest!

So....that is how we both ended up at the same party, YIPPEE!!

C and I were the last to arrive at the party, talk about GRAND entrance. I will never forget, everyone stopped what they were doing, it was quiet, and they all came up to us to introduce themselves. C knew everyone, I knew no one. Me, incredibly shy person, quiet, faint smile, not sure what to say to anyone, just be polite and smile.

There he was, standing tall, handsome, kindest smile, he stood out from all the rest. My friend C, she was so crazy and persistent, she introduced him to me several times all night, just trying to set us up. Not me, I wouldn't have any of it. After all, I was wearing an engagement ring, I was engaged, already spoken for. I kept leaving the room and going to another, I was nervous, I was SHY! Then it happened. Oh No, the bells and whistles rang, you know what that means right? You guessed it, MIDNIGHT!! It is the New Year! What does everyone do to bring in the New Year? Yes, kiss, and hug everyone. My friend C hugged me a few times, a few hugs from others. I tried, I mean REALLY, REALLY tried to avoid him. He looked my way, I would look the opposite, I couldn't take this, and did I mention how handsome he was?

C got between us and began her introduction AGAIN, by saying "have I introduced you two yet?" Got to give her credit, she never gave up. He responded with "yes, but I did not get my New Years kiss." Oh, goodness, there he is as handsome as ever, smiling the kindest smile, holding a beer in his hand, and what do I do, he put me on the spot, do I just walk away? Not a chance, I leaned in, gave him a quick little kiss, and then stepped back. That wasn't good enough, no, not good enough for him, he then responded by asking "is that all I get?" What? my kiss wasn't good enough, who does this guy think I am. Now remember, there was many, many people there that evening. Well, it got tremendously quiet, so quiet it was eerie. I responded back with the most long, passionate kiss, I think I caught him off guard, and he just opened his hand and let his beer drop to the floor, and everyone in the room clapped.

That was the beginning. We were inseparable from that night on, engaged TWO weeks later, then married TWO months later.

Oh, the ex-fiance, well, I never heard from him again. I do believe this was fate. Just to add more interesting facts, my husband is from the same town my ex-fiance was from, and they were both stationed at the same military base. They both knew the same people, but not each other. Fate, I believe in fate. I had no clue what love was until I met my husband.

Twenty Two years later, and I am in love with my husband even more now, then I was then. We often ask ourselves what if, he brought that nice girl to the party. What if, I went with my other friend to her party? Fate, It was fate that brought us together that evening.


Betty said...

I just love stories like yours...meant to be! Jack and I have been married for 34.3 years and I think he is more wonderful every day! Glad y'all are still so in love. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much for "romance" but I looooved your story!! I think that is so awesome that after all these years you are still head over heels for him. Not many couples are like that. Awesome story!!

Now I only think it is appropriate that you provide us with wedding photos. ;)

Shirla said...

I love your story of how you met your husband. :)

elsie said...

yup, that was meant to be.
your friend c was a conduit.
she knew what she had to do and wouldn't stop until her work was completed.
after all these years, your love continues to grow. that's awsome!
thanks for sharing your story with us.

Ryan Kay said...

I love it! Isn't it funny how things fit together like a puzzle? Jim and I will be married 1 year in october, I hope my story 20 years from now is like yours..We were meant to be also :) I will have to email you my story, it's long.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I believe in fate also. I loved reading your story thanks for sharing with us:)