Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Misunderstood Feral

This is BT, stands for Big Tabby, I know, not very original. The best I could come up with at the time, and it fits him. The above picture was taken when he first started coming into my cat shelter November of 2007. We have a love hate relationship. He hates to love me, I love to hate him. I try to take the extra step and do what I can to tame the ferals if I can. Some you can, most you can't. BT was TNR'd (trapped,neutered,returned), last March. He is very comfortable in my backyard, and in the shelter I provide for the ferals. He has taken ownership of not just the backyard, but also of me. He waits at the backdoor everyday for me to come out. He rubs all over my feet and legs, follows me around the yard. You would think he was friendly. Oh, how I have tried to pet him, many times. One little pet on that huge head of his, and as fast as a bolt of lightning, those huge paws come swinging, swats me, and walks with that tom cat strut he has and heads back under the patio swing. I have lost count on how many times he has cut my hands. You would think I would learn.

He wants his tummy rubbed, his head scratched, I just know. He loves to show affection, and listens so intently while I am talking to him. Then once again I reach out to pet him while he is rubbing his body all over my legs, claiming ownership once again, OUCH! The big paws come flying out and leave me with a 2 inch cut on the palm of my hand. If another cat comes near me, he runs to my side and hisses at the other cats to stay away. If I go up to another cat he runs to me and hisses at me to stay away.

Very possessive boy he is. I think if he wants to claim ownership of me, the least he could do is allow me to pet him without being swatted. This morning was the day, finally, the one day I was hoping for, I rubbed the back of his neck, stroked his back, not once, but twice, and he didn't swat me, for the first time. I do love the Big Tabby.

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Dog_geek said...

Wow, BT is a big handsome fellow - very cool that he finally let you pet him! I hope that it is the start of a new phase in your relationship!

Betty said...

He's beautiful! If he's going to bond with any human, it will be you...I just know it. He definitely looks like he 'owns the place'!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

He looks like a grey tiger. i think the work you do with these animals is so great. I put a cat house on my front porch and food and water, thats the best I can do right now. I wish i could keep all the cats in my neighborhood. I know the homeless litter (about 14 weeks old) will produce many more babies this spring. I need to do some research and see if I cant find an organization that might help with the cost of spaying. Have a nice evening

Shirla said...

BT is beautiful.

About the sweet potatoes that I posted about, my neighbor bought a big bag at a local veggie stand, they didn't grow them. They do a garden every year but like us their garden didn't do much this summer. We both lost out zucchini's and tomatoes. :(

elsie said...

well, it appears as though the ol' guy has decided to take your relationship to the next level.

i love your cat stories, imagining what they "say" to each other :)

DayPhoto said...

He is just so handsome and so full of it! And he is winning you over, oops, you are winning him over!

I like is flat ear, gives him character.