Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Nice Drive

I really enjoy getting in the car and just going for a drive. Unfortunately, with my husbands work hours and all my responsibilities here at home, I don't get the opportunity very often.

My mom lives in Sandy Valley, Nevada, a small town just 45 miles outside of Las Vegas. The drive there is a very relaxing drive. Not much to do in Sandy Valley, they have a small post office, church, general store, a school, a little restaurant and bar. I think that is about it. If my husband did not have to commute back and fourth to work, We would move to Sandy Valley in a heartbeat. I dream of getting away from the fast paced city life.

My mom lives in the airport district there, and the street she lives on is also the runway for the small planes to taxi. It is very common to see the planes in front of her home, an interesting site to see.

I took the following pictures through the car window on the drive down. Hope you all enjoy the hot desert scenery.


Betty said...

Hey, looks like my kind of place! We have about 50,000 now (only about 40,000 when we moved here) and it's seeming too big already. Glad you had a chance to travel and loved the pictures.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

That looks way to hot for me.

elsie said...

looks like a sleepy little town, a place to "run away" from home to. now i have to go to mapquest and check it out :D