Thursday, October 9, 2008


Bandit was one of the cutest puppies I had ever seen. We picked him up from his breeder at 8 weeks old. Our plans with Bandit were to compete in Obedience with him. However, his breeder convinced me to show him in conformation also. So we did, and then I got hooked. At one year of age, he became shy and reserved in the show ring. He wouldn't let the judge near him. We don't know what set him off, but he was going through a period of shyness, and you can't have that in the show ring. One judge told me to neuter him and quit showing him. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not going to accept that. Bandit was a puppy, we will work through this.

My husband suggested getting him certified as a Therapy Dog, so he can do Therapy visits with Jake, and the visits would help socialize him with the different people, smells, and surroundings. So, that is what we did. Bandit became an excellent Therapy Dog, and was always a huge hit with the residents at the nursing facility we visit. He overcame his shyness and went on to have three jobs, Therapy dog, Conformation dog, and Obedience dog.

Bandit is what you call a hard dog. He is not a dog for everyone. He doesn't care about corrections. He is very forgiving. If he wants that apple on the kitchen counter, he has no problem stealing it. Being put in his crate for a time out, or the apple taken away from him, doesn't matter. He already rewarded himself, with that first bite of the apple. That is Bandit's personality. The reward for him is greater then the punishment or correction for doing something wrong.

Bandit is a thinker. you can always see his brain working. What he is going to do next. You have to always be one step ahead of him, which is almost impossible. He seems to know what I am going to do, before I know. He loves toys. Enjoys playing ball, and will fetch anything you want to throw for him. He loves going to Petsmart, and he will pick out his own toy in the toy isle, and carry it around the store, until it is time to pay for it.
He is full of energy and has springs in his legs. Meaning, while I am standing right in front of him, he can jump right over my head, with no effort. He is very athletic, agile and sure footed. Did you notice I did not say obedient? Ha Ha! He is smart, and knows all of his obedience, and is a great competitor. But, he is also very stubborn. At home, according to Bandit, life revolves around him, what Bandit wants, Bandit gets, he thinks anyways.

Bandit is into everything. After a day of shopping, he has to run and stick his nose in the bags to see if there is anything for him. If by chance I bought him a toy, he will find it, and help himself to it.

Bandit is the clown of the house. My husband refers to him as the dog he loves to hate. I often hear my husband telling Bandit he is going to sale him to the Indians, or go play in the street. (all kidding of course). He is always under foot, and not a day goes by that he doesn't get spoken to in a harsh tone, but at the same time, he makes us laugh several times a day.

Jeni is his best friend, and he enjoys watching tv with her. He isn't as obsessed with the tv as she is, but will entertain himself with dog shows on tv.

Bandit adores children, and tends to seek out the special needs children. He has a special gift, and seems to know the ones that need that gentle touch, and not rough house. Often when we have friends or family that come to the house to visit, they all want to see Bandit, after all, he is such a beautiful boy, (don't tell him that, it goes to his head), he will just grab a toy and prance around in front of the guest, showing off.

Bandit loves his girls. Or is it that he likes a soft pillow for his head?

In my house, you can always find Bandit either under a table, or on top of a table. I think he thinks he is part cat.

When Bandit wants to be noticed, he will climb under the blanket on the sofa, and start rolling all over underneath, a quick peak to see If I am watching, then back under until he has got himself all tangled up in the blanket and falls to the floor, and then he needs to be rescued from the knot he is in. This is a daily thing with him. Why do I bother covering the sofa? You would think I would learn. He is a big goof.

Bandit will be 9 years old in a couple weeks. Can you believe that? He still acts like a 2 year old, and doesn't look a day over 5. These past nine years have been a heck of a roller coaster ride with him, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. He is always a very happy dog, and doesn't seem to take life all that seriously. It hasn't been easy, but every minute with Bandit, and his loving crazy antics, have been worth it. It has been a great ride.


Betty said...

How many times can I use the words gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful, etc.??? Your furry friends are so much fun to read the way you descibe them. I'll try not to let my compliments go to Bandit's head when I meet him...but, it may be hard not to gush over him..teehee. Take care.

Dog_geek said...

Very nice to meet Bandit - he sounds like a real character, 9 years young!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Oh, I love Bandit!!! His personality is so similar to my Mia. She always checks my bags when I come home from the store and rolls around in blankets. Thanks for sharing your special animals with us. I love his eyes!

elsie said...

well, his story is just wonderful to read. he sounds like an amusing little character, suitably named. a clever little thief that grabs whatever he fancies, helps himself to whatever he wishes, and steals every heart he comes across.

Shirla said...

Bandit is beautiful!

T said...

Thanks everyone!

betty, you are going to be in for a wild ride! tee hee!

Elsie, you described Bandit to a T! :)

Anonymous said...

There's that hansome hunk I love so much!!