Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Grey Kitten

This handsome little Siamese boy had been coming into my cat shelter every morning and evening to eat. Not a very good picture, but I had to snap the picture quickly before he left. I will be trapping him soon and see if he is adoptable or too feral to rehabilitate. Look at those eyes, isn't he stunning.

Anyway, this post isn't really about him, but about a small kitten I had seen. Three weeks ago, while watching the web cam in the cat shelter, I had seen a little grey tabby, eating. He/she could not have been more then 4 months old. I went out to see if he would come to me, but before I got into the shelter, he had left. My husband watched out the front window, as he left my yard. For the next two mornings, my husband had seen him in the front yard. I, however, have only seen him that first night, on the web cam.

So.... this brings me to tonight. I am sitting here again, getting ready to shut down the computer when I had seen the Siamese kitty in the shelter, eating. Then I noticed a grey tabby, which I had first thought was BT, and got a little worried, as I know BT would possibly start a fight or chase the Siamese away. Then I took a second look. It is not BT, it is the little grey kitten. He is rubbing all over the Siamese, eating with him. The Siamese keeps going from bowl to bowl, and the kitten keeps following him and rubbing against him. They are very friendly with each other.

Finally the Siamese left the shelter. So I sit here and watch to see if the kitten leaves too. Then it dawned on me, when I was cleaning the litter box in the shelter yesterday, It was apparent that it has been getting used quite a bit lately. Kind of a surprise, as this particular litter box I have, never gets used. So, why all of the sudden? Well gosh darn it, I think the kitten has been living in the shelter, and I didn't even know. He just walked into one of the shelter houses I have in there. They are 2 levels, fully insulated with baby blankets and purr pads. Very nice and comfy. As I sit here I watch as he comes out of the houses and gets a drink of water, then back in the little comfy house again.

I lift the roof of the houses once a week to make sure every thing is clean and ok. Never once have I seen this kitten, but that doesn't mean he doesn't jump to the bottom level, when I am in there, so he is not seen.

So, I have a stray or feral kitten I need to get asap. My task for the next couple of days. He should be young enough to be adoptable and off the streets.

Amazing the things I notice in the evening, when I should be sleeping.


Betty said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cool! I didn't know you had a webcam in your shelter...another great thing I've learned about you (and will get to witness soon). I hope you have good luck catching him and I'm glad the beautiful Siamese is kind of 'watching out for him'...too much fun! Take care.

Dog_geek said...

Awwww.... little grey kitty! He sounds like he is lonely and needs some company. I hope you are able to get him and place him soon! And the siamese is beautiful, too!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thats so neat. The siamese is beautiful Im sure you will find homes for bothe kittys. You really are an amazing woman for the work that you do. I think you deserve an award:)

Katt said...

Oh, I want a webcam! Although I might not want to know what my guys in the santuary are doing. They have me lulled into believing they only eat and sleep all day. The Siamese guy is gorgeous and will probably retame just fine. Good luck catching the grey blur too!