Friday, October 31, 2008


Jarie came to us at 10 weeks old. We pronounce her name Yaree, Yar like Jar, except the J sounds like a Y.
We were very excited to add another pup to our pack. We had just retired Jake from competition obedience, and we wanted another shepherd to compete with.
Her first night home she handled all the introductions to the rest of the dogs very well. They all accepted her as part of the family right away, so there was minimal interruption in our daily routine.

Unfortunately from the day Jarie came home she has had many health problems. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, compromised immune system, many, many allergies, and von Willebrands Disease. All of these health issues have prevented us from competing with her in any events. We train her privately, socialize her and do a lot of work with her. But her health issues prevent her from attending shows and trials. Her compromised immune system won't handle the stress, and we need to be careful of any potential injuries do to the von Willebrands disease.

Jarie still has a lot of fun running around the house, playing with her pack, and taking day trips with us. She has a super temperament. She loves everyone, and is always happy and ready to greet friends and family.
I started grooming her as a small puppy on the grooming table, so she is very accustomed to being pampered, and any chance she gets she would jump on the table waiting for that pampering.

She loves Jeni, she is her favorite pack member to play with. She gives Jake kisses every chance she gets. I refer to Jarie as an Aussie wannabe. She seems to act more like an Aussie then a German Shepherd. She has their craziness. She has no problem sitting in your lap, as she doesn't seem to realize she isn't a lap dog.

Jarie knows what the the word "ZOOMIES" means. If we say zoomies, she will take off with the puppy zoomies running in circles throughout the house. She is very sure footed and can stop on a dime. She often still gets the zoomies on her own, but if she hears us say that word, watch out, there she goes, and once she starts, there is no stopping her.

Jarie is the only dog I have ever had that destroys her toys. She loves to tear the stuffies and pull all the stuffing out, so she always needs to be supervised. She is still not trustworthy unsupervised.

She loves to follow me around the house while I am doing my cleaning. Many times trying to grab the dust rag from me while dusting. Tries to attack the vacuum, broom, and mop. Keeping these things away from her sometimes is much more tiring then the act of actually cleaning.
Jarie is another wild child. Not as wild as Jessi, but lots of energy, with a very high prey drive.
She does have an off switch, and will settle when told to, although she does like to talk back and get the last word in.

Jarie is very dear to us. A very special girl, as they are all special, but she has special needs. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that we don't worry about her. She is two and a half years old. Still very young, but in that time frame, the longest healthy spurt she has had was 4 months. Then she may regress with some sort of IBD issues, or allergy issue. Right now she is suffering from a very bad case of allergies, that we are tending to with medications.

With all her health issues, we have been blessed with her superb temperament and loving personality. She is a doll, the baby of the house, our little sweetheart.


elsie said...

oh my gosh, the picture with the goofy eyes cracks me up!!

pretty pretty girl. what a character she must be.

Betty said...

She's are all your furry friends! Again, I can hardly wait!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

She is sweet. Happy Halloween. Do you dress up the fur babies. I tried last year but my mia looked humiliated and embarassed so i dont try anymore:)

caroline said...

You have some beautiful animals. Good luck with the allergies..I had a few dogs in the past that had some horrid allergies..She's a pretty baby tho.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

T., Are you some how using cat language to send cats to my house:) Another cat showed up on my door step. I will post about him tomorrow with a picture. He loves the dogs he is fat and clean but not neutered. He must be lost.

Ryan Kay said...

I love the action shots! Hope your doing well T! :) Enjoy your DAY!

Dog_geek said...

Awww. Poor Jarie, so young to have so many health problems. She is a beautiful girl! I'm glad that she is with someone like you who will take good care of her no matter what!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful critters you have, T. I enjoyed viewing your blog.

Shirla said...

I love all you dog pics (and cat pics), they are all so beautiful!

I am so happy to finally have a Sam's Club close to my house, we used to have to travel about 45 minutes to get to one and I hardly ever went. Now that I have one so close I am there at least once a week.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I figured you were busy, i had another cat come around and he was a neutered boy, he came in for three days we named him andhad planned on keeping him but he left. I guess he was just visiting:)) Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and for the encouraging kind words.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I hope you are doing good, dont let the stress of what you do take from the beauty of it:)))

Anonymous said...

You have very beautiful dogs. Im sorry you have to worry about your baby.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I was told about that yesterday, my husband is the one with the income and bank account not me. We dont have any credit cards, I guess he could try over the phone, but he probably wont