Friday, October 10, 2008


Jessi was a spur of the moment decision. While we were at a show with Bandit, Jessi's breeder had a litter of pups with her at the show, for socialization. Her Breeder is also Jeni's breeder. In fact, Jeni is Jessie's great aunt. I didn't want another Blue Merle Aussie. I had just lost my Newfy a month prior, and had been waiting for a Red Merle Aussie to come into my life. Aw, I couldn't resist the sweet smell of puppy breath, she was just too cute, and a little spit fire. She came home with us that day. I think Bandit thought he won her at the show.

Jessie comes from a working line. Her sire is a high drive stock dog. All of his pups are known to not mentally or physically mature until 6 years old. What did I get myself into, like my life isn't busy enough.

Jessi is a very fun dog. I call her pup pup, because she is so puppy like. She has one speed, WARP speed. She never slows down. Rarely will you see her mouth closed. She is very smart, obedient, biddable, and fast, fast, fast.

She loves the human touch. She just melts and leans on you when you barely touch her, but she doesn't slow down. When we are sitting on the sofa, and she jumps in our laps, that is what it is, she JUMPS in our laps. Nothing gentle about her. She puts all of her weight into everything, and packs a good punch. She body slams, she CAN be dangerous. That is the working dog in her.

Jessi also loves toys, ALL TOYS. We have a routine at bed time. After everyone is settled down for the night, she picks a toy from the toy box in the Living room and runs upstairs with it, climbs in my bed and rolls and plays with it. She sleeps in her crate at night, so after I put her to bed, I put her toy on my dresser. Each night she jumps on and off the bed, grabbing the toys from the dresser and gathers them all around her in my bed. If I am not paying attention, she will race up and down the stairs, emptying the toy box by bringing all the toys upstairs and piling them on my bed. It is not unusual for her to pile 20 or more toys on my bed within seconds.

I originally wanted to show her in conformation. I struggled for nine months taping her ears down, when I finally realized she IS a working dog. So her job is obedience. She is smart, loves to work and loves to learn. We have a long road ahead of us, as she is still very immature.

Jessi is very difficult to photograph, as she is always on the go. It is very rare to find her sitting still, unless she is in her crate. Often times, she is just a blur.

She has a very high prey drive, and distracts easily with the wind, birds, even the littlest bug crawling on the ground.
Jessi is not a dog for everyone. She has to be kept busy with plenty of physical and mental exercise. She is a very busy dog, and if you are not prepared for that type of energy, and the training involved, then watch out, because she is like a bull in a china shop.

Jessi is 4 years old, yet such a baby. She is very, very bonded with me and when we are out, it is hard to get her to leave my side. She is a very sensitive dog, but also very forgiving. She reminds me a lot of an Aussie I had in the past, Lit'l Bear, who was my heart dog. Jessi isn't her, and actually the complete opposite, but she has that *something* about her that touches a part of my heart that was reserved for Lit'l Bear. Jessi is my very special little Pup Pup.


elsie said...

you can see the spunk in her eyes. she reminds me of my gypsy-girl (?bcXgsd? or possibly aussiexgsd). the body shape, the ears, the length of her coat.

anyways, jessi is beautiful. i'm picturing the gathering of the toys routine. only a person with a ball-crazy dog can appreciate such a scene.

Betty said...

What a great story about Jessi and her toys...what fun she must be! Again, so cute, so pretty, so adorable, etc., etc. She's definitely a 'keeper'! Take care.

Betty said...

Just one thought I forgot to add....let the wild ride begin!!

Dog_geek said...

Jessi totally sounds like my kind of dog. I just love the high energy, high drive, ball crazy dogs! Bt the way, where did you get the poof ball on the rope toy? We had a few of those many years ago, and Z just loved them, but ours all died a long time ago and I was never able to find any more!

T said...

Thanks everyone.

Jessi does have a lot of spunk.

betty, tee hee, :))

dog geek, Jessi would have a blast in your neck of the woods with all that nice open land!

I have a bunch of the poofy rope balls, I bought from Petsmart. My dogs LOVE them too. They still sale them here. If you can't find them, let me know and I will be more then happy to pick some up and ship them to you.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love reading about your dogs and cats. Jessi is very cute. All your dogs must keep you laughing all day:)