Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Attachment Has Begun

I have the four ferals that have lived in my shelter and back yard for almost five years now. They love sleeping on the patio swing right outside my back door, below my kitchen window.

Things are mostly peaceful, with the new ferals and strays that show up. They just go to the shelter, eat, and go on there way. Sometimes one will get curious, and come into the yard, but leave quickly if I walk out there. That is how it started with BT, and many others in the past.

I much prefer them not to come into the yard, as once they do, I tend to become attached. I really miss BT. He kept things quiet around here. The other Toms that stroll the neighborhood knew my yard was off limits, it was BT's territory. Since BT has been gone, the others are starting to move in, slowly, but nonetheless, they are investigating my yard.

I keep dry food and fresh water in the shelter 24/7, so all the ferals and strays never have to go look for food.

My four ferals get wet food as a special treat every evening on my back patio, by the swing. Once I let all the dogs out at 5pm, the cats all start their routine of rubbing against each other, knowing as soon as the dogs come inside, it is their turn for some delicious wet food.

The night before last, as I was bringing the dogs in, all four cats were standing on the patio walking back and fourth looking up at me, waiting. But wait, out of the corner of my eye I spot another cat on the canopy of the swing. I look, and sure enough it was the Mac look-alike feral. He was watching every move I made, with eyes half closed. I quickly bring the dogs in, and go back out with my camera to get some pictures, as all of my past pictures are not all that clear, and taken mostly in the dark or far away.

I then realize he wasn't leaving. This is the beginning. I had to feed five cats wet food instead of four. I really did not want to do this. I do not want to become attached. As I brought out the food, I sat the four bowls down, and held the one bowl toward him, and then walked away. He jumped down off the swing, and watched me place the bowl in the middle of the yard about 20 feet from the others. He waited until I went inside, then he carefully and slowly walked up to his bowl and ate.

Last night, again, a repeat of the night before. It has started. The attachment has begun. I missed our spay-athon with our rescue last weekend, so I will hope to get him in the next few weeks, at our next one.

So, does anyone see a resemblance to another cat I have posted here? I'm not talking about Mac now, as I know he resembles him, but look closely at the face markings. Do you see what I see?


Betty said...

When I saw the title of your post...The attachment has begun...I thought you were going to post about Lacee..haha. Guess that attachment is becoming more secure by the day, eh?

Your new fellow is gorgeous. I can tell by the pictures of your ferals they are scrawny strays at your place! I'm surprised more of them don't choose to stay forever.

Oh, well, "what's one more?"...famous last words?

caroline said...

very cute! I thought it was mac when i looked at it.

Andrea said...

Love this new guy! You have a big heart to look after so many fur kids! :)