Monday, January 5, 2009

Lacee's Photo Shoot

Here she is. The little sweetheart who has stolen my heart. I have learned so much about her in the past couple of weeks. She is still very needy and clingy. Her paws never stop. Meaning, she kneads all the time. When I cradle her on her back, in my arms, she kneads the air.
She does not jump. I think it may be part neurological, and part physical. She is an excellent climber. While spending time in her cage, she will climb the bars to get up on the shelf, but will not jump. When I have her loose in the room, she will climb on and off the bed, but will not jump on or off.

She does seem to have some difficulty getting comfortable when first lying down, until she gets both rear legs sticking to one side. Her rear legs cross over when holding her. Other then that, she is one of the easiest cats I have had here. Very content to be held and loved on, and just as content to be put back in her cage when I can't watch her.
We did not have her spayed yet. Since I was able to get the shoe lace off her neck, her appointment was rescheduled for the 25th. That has now changed.

All of us here in this crazy house are suffering from lack of sleep. Can anyone guess why? With having five dogs in the house, all spayed and neutered but one (Bandit, because he competes in AKC shows), Six cats, spayed and neutered, and One female kitten, approximately 5 months old, not spayed. Hmmmm........... anyone guess yet? UGH, Lacee IS IN HEAT!

If any of you have not experienced a female cat in heat, well, you are so lucky. This is not fun. Yowling all night long last night, non stop, and has continued through today. We are all exhausted.

Her spay has been rescheduled to this coming Sunday on the 11th. It can't come soon enough. She isn't so cute right now.... well, yes she is, but; I am sooooooo TIRED!


caroline said...

She is such a pretty cat!

and yes i have experienced cats in fun! Poor T, I feel for you.

Dog_geek said...

What a sweetie! I'm glad that you were able to catch her before she came into heat. (Keep reminding yourself, as she's yowling all night, that it could be worse! She could still be out on her own out there, yowling all night, and then you'd have even more trouble to deal with!)

Betty said...

She is beautiful and appears to be very loving...she just didn't know how good she could have it with you!

I've only witnessed cats in heat at the shelter before they were spayed...the yowling is very unnerving, eh?

Good luck with getting some rest soon!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

She is gorgeous!! I love her eyes, they have so much to say. Are you keeping her? Thanks for the encouraging words, today was a turn around and things look brighter:)

T said...

caroline- then you know that gawd awful sound they make, No fun at all, makes me want to take a small vacation.:)

Dog geek- Oh, I do keep reminding myself, just think, she would be pregnant by now, I have four toms right now as I write this, hanging around my house, I'm trying to get.

Betty-Yowling very unnerving, that doesn't even begin to describe her sound.

Mrs Ruiz- No, I won't be keeping her. After she is spayed, and vet checked, I will be looking for a home for her.

troutbirder said...

She is adorable though. Yowling or not!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. The cat is so pretty. OMG when my female goes in heat it id like someone hollering.

Ryan Kay said...

She is beautiful T :)