Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mac is the most friendliest, social cat, of all the cats in my cat room. On any given day that I go into the room, he does his quick greet and meet with me then finds a comfy spot on the floor and allows the other cats to soak up the attention first, then as soon as they walk away, he is right there waiting patiently for his turn.
I was really pleased with these pictures I took over the weekend. Most times when he is on the shelves, I don't have my camera with me, but this day I intended to get pictures of Oscar, so I was camera ready, and there he was, Handsome Mac posing oh so perfectly.
Mac is so gentle, and HUGE! A big solid boy he is, but just as cuddly as he is huge.
Who can resist that sweet face? He was about five months old when he found his way to my shelter.
I came very close to adopting him out, but something came up and prevented me from doing so.
One of the best decisions I had made, as he is LG's best friend.
My hubby named him Mac, because of his huge apple head, round face; short for Macintosh apples.


flydragon said...

What a big handsome fella he is. Their little noses outlined in black always cracks me up:)

T said...

Yeah, they always remind me of the Horns on a Ram. LOL!

Betty said...

What a sweetheart...I love his little crossed eyes...they make me smile...and that's always a good thing.

Nice pictures and nice post!

Stacy said...

Oh I just want to pick him up and snorgle him!!!

I'm interested in what wines you picked up (from my wine blog), I'd love to hear what you think of them!!!

Suldog said...

Lovely cat. The crossed eyes are so comical on him. Is he part Siamese by any chance?

T said...

Thanks Suldog,

Mac is a Linx Point Siamese mix. HIs daddy was a Linx Point.
He was born feral, so no idea about his mom.
It is always fun to watch him try to focus with his crossed eyes.:))

Carolina said...

Ohw, he's GORGEOUS! Love his sweet face, he looks a bit like Clarence from Daktari (maybe you know that series from a long long time ago?). Clarence was also a bit cross-eyed. It ads to his charm. If only I could adopt him....*sigh*

Ryan Kay said...

Very cute T!

caroline said...

How adorable...I had a similar one named Tiger, that was a long time ago.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Mac is very handsome, I love his eyes. I found a place at www.wagwag.org they have feral packages that include spay or neuter, 3 different shots, flea treatment and earmite treatment, they also clip the cats ear to let other agencys know that the cat is being cared for. The lady said she will loan me a trapper and teach me how once Im ready to proceed. The cat that adopted us is back in October is going Monday to be neutered and shots, then I will try to do one feral a month. You have inspired me to do what I can:))

Dog_geek said...

What a big, sweet handsome boy! He does look very huggable!