Monday, January 12, 2009

Jeni, Bandit, & Jessi's Surprise

These pictures are very poor quality. I wasn't able to get any decent pictures of the Aussies or their gifts. They were all just too excited and crazy. So with just a few words, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Jeni was the calmest of all.
See her tongue? LOL. That rubber ball makes the neatest squeaky sound.
The Frisbee was on her Xmas list. She loves it.
Bandit couldn't wait for the wrapping paper to come off. He did a snatch and run.
Here he is opening his Teddy.
Again, he quickly left the room. I had to keep calling him back.
His teddy is his favorite toy. He loves teddies.
Jessi was quick. Just a sniff... then
Off she goes.....
We barely got the duck from her to take the tags off, when she snatched it, and ran from room to room. Those Aussies are crazy, gotta love them!


Betty said...

I do love them...and I only know them through your descriptions! They are gorgeous creatures and so very smart (to have found you)! Love the pictures. I may 'borrow' them, okay?

Dog_geek said...

Looks like Auusie pandemonium! I can picture them all running around the house, squeaking their new toys! (I guess that's one of the nice things about frisbees - they are silent!)

Stacy said...

Oh, I just love these posts! They make me smile!!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Im going to send my dogs a package:) I have noticed that when I do get something in the mail they get excited and when I come home from the grocery store with bags in tow they get excited. Dont you just love animals:)

Shirla said...

I love all of the pics! This Christmas was my Yorkie Emma's first Christmas and Santa brought her presents wrapped in tissue paper. She was so excited and ripped right into them like she's been doing it for years. lol

Thank you for the welcome back. I'll keep everyone posted on my tree protest. The tree is kind of out of the way in the living room so for me it will not be a problem keeping it up as long as need be. ;)

elsie said...

it cracks me up and amazes me and just plain ol' makes me giggly the way dogs react to presents. not much different than children. they know that under the wrapping, there is a new toy waiting to be played with. dylan loves christmas for the same reason as kids: toys and the cousins come over to play with the toys.

thanks for sharing your pictures with us. i thoroughly enjoyed looking at each one <3