Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eenie Meenie Minie Moe

It is time again to get busy trapping. Anyone want to take a guess on which one of these handsome boys will be lucky enough to be the first to be trapped? Eenie Meenie Minie Moe, who will be the first to go? (don't worry, all four will be returned to me).

I haven't given any of them names yet. I refer to this boy as The Mac Look-alike, well, because he looks just like my Mac. A quick little story, I believe he came from where BT came from, as they both showed up the same time, and were always lying next to each other until BT got brave enough to come into the yard, and accept me as his human. (hint...I think he will be the first).
I refer to this boy as The LG Look-alike, you can guess why. (sorry for the poor quality, photo taken through the window).
This boy is called The Mean Guy Look-alike, well, long story, so I won't get into it, except to tell you the original Mean Guy was the one that beat up poor Oscar all the time and caused him multiple injuries, before I was able to rescue Oscar.
Last of course is Lacee's little Siamese friend. He is so sweet, I really hope to get him very soon.
Stay tuned...


Betty said...

Wow, you are going to be one busy person for a while...trying to trap all four of them. The little Siamese seems to have adopted you already.

They are beautiful...they don't look like any of the strays I've ever seen...because you feed them and protect them so well, I'm sure!

Teena in Toronto said...

They are so cute!

flydragon said...

Do you normally have that many strays around your area? Do people around there just kick their pets out when they no longer want them? That little Siamese is just so cute.

T said...

Sad isn't it? Unfortunately, yes. We occasionally get a few strays that were dumped. My original colony of 12, which included the other four that live in my shelter, I have posted about months ago, and the 3 girls inside; all came from 3 adult cats that were left by there owners, then got pregnant and then came the kittens born feral, currently known as my indoor and outdoor ferals.

Things were quiet for a few years, then a neighbor moved in, had a dozen cats, and left them when their house was forclosed on. Each day as I documented and counted cats, I had a total of 36, only 12 were pets, the rest born feral. The pictures of the boys I just posted, all but the Mac look-alike came from that neighbors cats, they, I know were born feral.

The Mac Look alike, I have no idea where he came from, just that he arrived with BT. These are the last four, of the 36, until some other idiot does the same thing.

T said...

I also want to add, those 36, none come in my yard. They just know the food is in the shelter, which is not enclosed, so they eat and leave. My task is to trap, and if possible re home. If I can't rehome them because of being feral, then they will be tnr'd. Fortunately, I have been able to get many in feral cat sanctuaries close by, or rehome.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

The siamese looks like he is on drugs:)) His pupils look crazy. I think the first one will take the bait. Do you live in a rural area? I have alot of homeless cats but Im in an apartment complex. Justin said he will build the cats a kitty motel. I know for sure that 2 of the cats are neutered, so that is good.

caroline said...

I was going to ask how you have so many cats in the neighborhood but your last comment told me..

I rarely see a cat in my neighborhood...i know there are 2 running around that live 2 doors from me, other than that..i rarely see them.

Carolina said...

You just can't believe some people! They don't deserve the food on their plates! Anyone who just dumps an animal is cruel!
I think you're great! Good luck with these four.

Stacy said...

Oh the Siamese is so pretty! :)

Dog_geek said...

Awwww, I hope you can get the little Siamese guy - I have a soft spot for him since he and Lacee were so close.

Rob said...

It's hard to believe all these guys are ferals.

I seem to get one or two per year. Had a poly-dactil the other year (extra toes).

Had a black and white SHD we named "Bandit" due to his mask. He was such a sweetie. I finally turned him in though because he was very sick with a respiratory infection. I still feel bad to this day because I should have done more.

Another, named her "Skittles" and she will make my blog in the coming weeks. A great story with a wonderful ending.

I will have to scroll more into your blog this week and read past stories.