Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Rant...Part 2 reduce in size. Employers downsize by reducing the number of employees due to the economy. So, what does it mean when a dog breeder downsizes? Some breeders downsize due to personal health problems or financial issues. They find they can no longer provide the time and/or finances to care for all the dogs they are breeding so they sell some or all of them. They quit breeding, or take time off from breeding. Perhaps they keep a few of the dogs, and sell off the rest.

To downsize, I'm not sure that is a good choice of a word to use. It sounds like the dogs are yesterday's trash, garbage, personal property that can just be discarded when not needed anymore.

I just came across another reason a breeder *downsizes*. (I hate that word, I really do). They downsize to switch breeds. Apparently once a breeder decides they have had enough of one particular breed, and the breeds health issues, instead of trying to better the breed, they sell them off like a piece of furniture, and purchase another breed.

If someone can easily dump their dogs just so they can switch to another breed, they should not be breeding. How can they just dump all their current dogs, so they can get involved in a whole different breed? If the existing dogs have health issues and they feel they can not care for them, why get another breed? There is no guarantee in the health of a dog, anything can happen during the life of the dog. What happens if the new breed develops health issues too? Do they just dump them and switch to yet another breed? When does it stop?

Switching breeds because of personal health issues, financial issues, genetic problems in the breed, is nothing but an excuse. An excuse to get what they want. The breeder decides they are interested in another breed but cannot afford the time or money to care for the addition plus the current resident dogs, so their answer is to *downsize*. How can someone do this?

Oh, I get it. Backyard breeders perhaps. Someone who breeds for the money. They don't breed for the love and the betterment of the breed. They don't actively compete and exhibit in some type of sport to bring out the natural working ability of that particular breed. They don't do all the health checks prior to breeding. This would be the only reason I can fathom that it would be so easy to dump the existing dogs to switch breeds. For the money. It is all about them, not the well being of the dogs.

On any given day 30 percent of the dogs found in shelters are purebred. Why? Because of breeders like this. As long as there are people out there with this mentality, breeders, if that is what we really want to call them, there will always be a need for rescue.

Whether we are breeders or just another person wanting a dog, we all need to realize the huge responsibility that comes along with that *WANT*. We don't get to change our minds, when things get tough, or our desire to have another breed. Our responsibility should be for the life of the dog(s) that we brought into our home. Their needs and well being should come first.


Suldog said...

Agreed, absolutely.

I've always found the very concept of "breeders" somewhat repulsive, truthfully. I understand the concept of "improving the breed", but most are not in it for that (in my humble and possibly uninformed opinion.) Dogs, cats, and other animals, will breed enough without human help, and probably improve the breed along the way in a manner that really benefits the future success of the animal, and not just for aesthetic pleasure.

Carolina said...

Yep! Agreed!

And what was going through my mind these last few days: if people decide they want a dog, and thought it through, they should choose a dog not because it looks so nice, but because it suits their 'needs' so to speak. Unfortunately if Disney decides to make a movie about 101 Dalmations, lots of people want a Dalmation and lots of breeders start breeding them for the money.

Makes me want to scream!

Thanks for making a great point!

Lots of love.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I dont like it when people ask me what kind of dog I have, my dogs are mixed breeds and just as worthy of love as a pure bred:) People that can easily "downsize" must only be in it for the money. I forgot to mention that the feral package is only $40

Betty said...

Great post! Of course, you know I agree with you 100%. Sunkis'd (purebred) had epilepsy and Duffy (purebred) had heart failure. Both came from shelters and may have been there because of their medical conditions...that certainly didn't make us love them any less or want to get rid of them. I'll never understand the lack of compassion in some people.

troutbirder said...

Yes. We wouldn't have so many dogs needing to be rescued. Fortunately there are people who do care.

caroline said...

Like i said before...i just don't understand some people.