Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009

Hello and Happy New Year to all! Boy, I am glad 2008 is gone and now for a new beginning and welcome to 2009. We had many challenges to overcome, sadness, losses, and changes in 2008, but with those came good friends, changes for the better, lessons learned, and rediscovering who we are, and what is important to us.

My apologies to all who follow my blog, as I have been very sick the last 3 weeks, and really wasn't up to being on the computer much. Having a difficult time just keeping up with all the household chores, work, and dogs and cats, computer time unfortunately is last on my list. I thought I was finally starting to feel better and get my energy back, and then the last two days, I am back to not feeling so well. Not a good way to start off the new year, but I have hope it will be better then 2008.

I have lots of fun pictures to share, so hope to get to posting those soon.


flydragon said...

I'm so glad to finally hear from you. Was getting a little worried over here. Sorry you been sick, hope you feel better very soon, and am looking forward to your pics.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I was wondering what happened to you:) Im glad that you are feeling better. How is Lacee.

elsie said...

Happy New Year, my dear T.
wishing you a year filled with joy, good health and a healthy spirit. may God's light always shine brightly on you and yours.
love ya,

Betty said...

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather...I thought you were just having so much fun you didn't have time to post.

Hope you are feeling better with each new day. Take care of yourself! Hope Lacee is doing well.

Dog_geek said...

Sorry to hear that you've not been well. I hope you are feeling back at 100% soon, and will be back posting pics and updates!

troutbirder said...

2009 will be better including you. Hang in there.

caroline said...

Hope your feeling better soon, it's sucks to be sick!
Happy New Year!

Shirla said...

I had something like that too. I would get to feeling better then BAM!I was right back where I started from feeling horrible again. I'm glad your feeling better. Happy New you to you!

Stacy said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling can tell from my blog that I know EXACTLY how you feel!

Here's to us getting better!!!