Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 has gone by so fast, I try to look back and think of all I have accomplished. It had been a trying and difficult year. 2008 and 2007 wasn't any better, I am thinking, three times is quite enough, so 2010 should be a good year!

I have had some heartbreaking losses, pet and human alike. I have made new friends, stayed in touch with old friends, surrounded myself with more positive people, and kept myself away from the negative ones.

I have made great friends here in blog land, and appreciate the kind comments you leave, the friendly emails, and the phone conversations. Many of you here have become extended family. I thank each one of you for such kindness, and putting up with some of my many rants.

I thought I would end the year with everyone in my household healthy and happy. Wishful thinking on my part. Hubby is sick with a bad head cold, so lots of resting for him this weekend.

Lacee is having some trouble with her throat. We knew this would happen as she grew, as the shoelace she was hung with had done some damage, so keeping a close eye on her eating and swallowing ability is a must right now, then we will determine what the next step will be.

Oscar is doing well. He is losing weight, not a good sign, but he is happy and content, and that is all I want. As long as he is happy and pain free, then so am I.

Bandit has injured his leg, and we are waiting for an appointment with his vet to determine if he has an ACL tear. He is on strict rest in his crate, and only potty breaks on leash. He must remain quiet and calm, which means we also need to keep all the dogs quiet and calm, not always an easy task.

I don't make New Year resolutions, I never have, as I feel they are too easy to break. I will leave you all with just a few words.

Don't compare your life to others, you have no idea what kind of journey they have or had to get where they are today, or how their journey continues.
Don't have negative thoughts. Invest your energy in the positive moments of every day.
Smile and laugh more. Remember, smiling and laughing is contagious, so pass it around. Try to make someone smile everyday.
Dream more while you are awake, and always believe those dreams are a possibility.
You are in charge of your own happiness, so Be Happy.

Best wishes to everyone and Happy New Year!
Always Dream and Always Believe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I posted this photo last Christmas, but since I am such a sentimental fool, and Jake and Princess are no longer with us, I thought, why not, they still deserve their blog time, even if it is just in a photo.

I have contemplated on what to write about for weeks, and have had many instances where I would tell myself "I have to remember to write about this", but, the correct words just are not there.

Christmas time is such an emotional time for me, and most likely for many reading this blog. I hope many find the true spirit of Christmas, within your hearts. Christmas is about generosity, but not so much of giving of material things, but giving of your time. Please find the time to spend with family, friends, and those near and dear to you. We often get caught up in our own hectic lives, and tend to forget or take the time to be with those we care most about.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring, we don't know if this will be our last Christmas with family and friends. Don't wait until it is too late. Pick up the phone and call that special friend or family member, and let them know you were thinking of them today.

Try to see the goodness in others, even in a perfect stranger. Lend out a helping hand this holiday season. Find forgiveness, offer a warm embrace, a gentle smile, and a little of your time.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 30, 2009

History Repeating Itself

I took this photo almost three years ago. A beautiful Linx Point Siamese male feral. He would sleep next to Oscar when Oscar was hanging out in the shelter. I always believed he was Mac's daddy, as Mac looked identical to him as a kitten. I could never get near him, but he didn't seem to be a fighter. He just wanted a warm place to stay and food to eat.

It has been almost three years since I took this photo also. I referred to this boy as *The Mean Guy*. One big tough tomcat he was. Fighting all hours of the night and early morning. He is the one who did the most damage to my sweet Oscar, causing so many injuries. He also use to fight with the guy in the above photo too. It seemed that the Linx Point and Oscar both just needed a safe place away from the dangers of street life and mean tomcats.
I spent hours, days, and weeks, trying to trap *The Mean Guy*. He wouldn't have it. He was trap wise, and avoided the trap like the plague.

Once I brought Oscar inside, The Mean Guy disappeared, and so did the Linx Point. Never again to be seen. Oscar, my sweet angel boy, who was so traumatized by the fighting, he panics if any of the cats touch him with their paws. They all seem to understand and tend to be gentle with him, and allow him to just be the calm sweet boy he is.

Now, the story turns. I took this photo this week. A beautiful Linx Point Siamese. After many photos and observing this boy, I have come to the conclusion, he is the same boy that disappeared nearly three years ago. Still beautiful, don't you think?

I have no idea whatever happened to The Mean Guy, perhaps he is still out there too, somewhere. For now, we have The Karl. You all must remember me posting about Karl. He is such a sweet boy, that has taken over my yard and shelter as his territory. He has accepted his place in the colony, and my shelter is his home.

The problem now is history is repeating itself. Instead of The Mean Guy, we now have The Karl and The Linx Point, fighting, all hours of the night, and early morning. This happens, I am use to it. Until I can get them trapped, and The Linx Point neutered, fighting will continue. These two are often found nose to nose screaming at each other, until I can break it up, but also they can be found sleeping within a couple feet of each other.

My sweet sweet Oscar. Even with the safety of being indoors, and no longer being on the receiving end of all the fighting, he is still getting hurt. Oscar is inside minding his own business, enjoying the comforts of indoor living, curled up on his soft bed, dreaming whatever cats dream of, to be awakened by screaming, yowling, fighting cats outside the window.

Oscar is so traumatized from his past, it is natural for him to run and hide. He becomes so panicked, that he keeps scraping his back trying to hide. He tried to run past the other cats on one of the shelves in the cat room, and fell off the shelf. He tried to hold on, and climb up, and scraped his back in the process. I finally got his wound looking better, then it happened again last night.

When I first discovered the wound, I was very upset. All what went through my mind was one of the cats had hurt him. I promised Oscar when I brought him in nearly three years ago, no harm would ever come to him again, he will always be safe. Then when I witnessed how he was scraping his back, and realized what was happening, trapping the Linx Point became a priority. I can not allow Oscar to be injured.

On another important note, Oscar has Nasal Cancer. I don't know how long he has, but I do know that he has suffered more in his life then he ever deserved, and I will not allow him to suffer even one day. He is doing okay for now, but in order for Oscar to continue to live his peaceful life, I need to stop history from repeating itself. I sure hope The Mean Guy doesn't suddenly reappear too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Maiya Update

Thank you all so very much for the prayers and good thoughts for Maiya and her family.
Her mom doesn't know what to think, and just continues to feel Maiya is a miracle.

Maiya has been off the feeding tube for nine days now, and has surprised us all. She is doing wonderful with all of her mouth feedings. She is being fed four small meals a day, and held up in the upright position for 20-30 minutes after each meal to allow gravity to help the food pass through her esophagus and make it to her stomach. As of today she has not regurgitated any of her meals, that alone is not normal. Even with the tube feedings, she would still regurgitate some.

So, Maiya continues to surprise us all. She is happy, energetic, and enjoying being able to eat and act like a normal dog.

We still have no idea what tomorrow will bring, with Megaesophagus being such a serious disease, things can change quite drastically overnight, and the care for a Mega-E dog is very individualized. Her family is taking each day they have with Maiya as a blessing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Maiya, and Megaesophagus

I wrote about Maiya a while back. You can read about her and Megaesophagus here.

Maiya will no longer keep her feeding tubes in. We think they are starting to bother her, as she is constantly pulling them out.

Maiya's family will manage her for as long as they can with mouth feedings; but they don't suspect that will last long. Then again, Maiya is always full of surprises so no telling what will happen. This is a very trying time for Maiya's family, they are now walking into the unknown.

In the end...Maiya will tell them what to do. They are listening. We don't know what tomorrow will bring.

If you believe in the power of prayer, please say a prayer for Maiya and her family.

A few photos taken recently of Maiya playing with her little brother.
Silly girl.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rabies Vaccine Reaction

I have so much to catch up on, and some updates on all the happenings going on in my world. But something very frightening happened this weekend I need to write about.

We took Jeni to have her Rabies Vaccine Saturday morning. Five hours later she started vomiting. First, 3 piles, then 10 minutes later 2 more piles, about 15 minutes after that another 3 piles. Immediately I was concerned about an allergic reaction to the vaccine. I watched her for a few minutes, then I noticed her face swelling. At that point we grabbed her leash and headed back to the vet, with phone in hand calling them and letting them know we were on our way.

The facial swelling was all around her nose, and mouth and her throat. The vet gave her a steroid shot, and a Benadryl injection, plus a bottle of Benadryl to take for the next five days. He suggested keeping her over night, but left it up to us. We brought her home, as we felt we could manage her and get back to the clinic fast enough if we had to.

I was already well informed with all the reactions dogs can get from the rabies vaccine, and I know more severe reactions can occur as far as a couple months later. I was paranoid getting Jarie's Rabies Vaccine six weeks ago with all her health issues, I felt if any of my dogs were to ever react to the vaccine, it would be Jarie. Never did it occur to me that little Jeni would have a reaction.

Possible rabies Vaccine side effects
Immediately or up to 3 days after the shot:

Facial swelling
Fever or lethargy
Circulatory shock
Loss of consciousness

Days, weeks or months after the shot:

Fibrosarcoma (cancer) at the injection site
Seizures and Epilepsy
Autoimmune diseases, including organ disease, allergies and skin problems
Chronic digestive problems
Muscle weakness, especially lack of hind end coordination
Chronic digestive disorders
Skin diseases like Ischemic Dermatopathy / Cutaneous vasculitis
Behavior problems: aggression, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety and odd obsessive behaviors (like tail chasing and paw licking).

Jeni had a rough night last night, and she isn't out of the woods yet, but she is stable at the moment.

Our biggest fear now, is there is a huge possibility that she may still develop one of the more subtle side effects that may occur weeks or even months from now.

Below are a couple of links with valuable information.
Rabies Vaccine - Skin Reactions
Holistic Animal Health: Vaccinosis

Friday, October 2, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone

Oh my, where has the time gone? I have missed so much. Time just flies by when we are having fun, or not. I do need to take the time to catch up on all of the blogs I follow, but what is time? Time is something I just haven't had for myself lately.

I do want to thank all of you wonderful blog friends that took the time to email me and ask if I was okay. I apologize for not replying. I have been so very busy, I have not been logging into my email, and when I did, I was surprised at the dozens of emails waiting for my replies. Those of you who called, THANK YOU, I really needed that break, and our talk.

So what has been taking up so much of my time? Too much to list here for now, but I will say my childcare has been extremely busy. With the new school year came many people looking for childcare/preschool for their little ones. I have spent the past few weeks interviewing potential parents throughout the day and into the early evening hours. By the end of each day, I am too exhausted to do anything but sleep. I now have no more openings in my childcare, and am almost overwhelmed. I tend to take on children that may need a little extra help, and one of the 2 year old boys I took on has really been challenging, but just yesterday, we made a break through, and after 2 weeks, I am seeing some improvement with some challenging behavior.

By the time my children leave in the early evening, I still have to tend to all the dogs, cats, and cook dinner, (if hubby is lucky enough), then sit with him for a few minutes, and off to sleep I go, only to start all over the next morning.

Being so crazy busy means I have neglected a few things. I had 3 cats I was suppose to take to our spay/neuter clinic two weeks ago, and I forgot all about it, until a rescue friend of mine called and asked if I had the three cats trapped and ready for transport. OOPS! This time I marked it on the calender for this month so I don't forget.

I have been trying to help a friend find homes for a litter of kittens and their mama that were born outside, just a few houses down from me, Not easy. The economy has hit this town hard, and all of our rescues here are referring people to take their pets to the shelter. None of our fosters have any room. All we can do, is keep doing what we are doing. Try to save one animal at a time.

I have much more to update on about my crew, but not enough time (there's that word again). For now, here are a few photos I took a couple weeks ago. We had just bought this new bunk bed play toy for the cats, and they all really enjoy it. It is a big hit. Mama Cat loves this, and was the first to try it out. Lacee is the one inside it.

I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend, and will try and make another post next week, and fill you in on a few important topics that matter to me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Phone Call

It all started with a phone call. One I wish I never would have made. Two female German Shepherds needing to be re-homed, the family is moving out of state and won't be taking them along. The black and tan shepherd found a new family right away. That left Belle, a pretty white, almost 2 year old German Shepherd. People don't seem to want the white shepherds as much as they do the others. I know from experience if a home is not found in time, she will end up at our local high kill shelter. All of our rescues are full, as soon as dogs are pulled from the shelter, more are being dropped off.

After several nights listening to hubby ask me "where is my white German Shepherd?", I gave in, and made the call, the call I now regret making. The very nice lady that owns Belle, told me all about her. "She is a little timid and shy at first, but after a few seconds, she will warm up to strangers." She is missing her sister, the other Shepherd they re-homed. We spent a half an hour talking and she filled me in on everything there was to know about Belle. I told her I didn't want to see her go to the shelter, and if she fit in with my family, and no one else came to adopt her, then hubby and I would.

Two days later I get a call, asking me to please come meet Belle, and lets see how things go. Hubby believed we would be leaving her house with Belle that evening. I assured him, we would just be evaluating her. I must admit, we both had our hopes up. We didn't need another dog, and often times we tell each other we don't want another, but then we admit to ourselves that if by chance the right one came along, we would take that opportunity.

On the drive there, we were already discussing how she would be spending the weekends with hubby at work, and weekdays with me. As we approached the driveway, there she was, peaking out from behind her current owner. Long, tall, graceful, beautiful, white Belle, carrying a tennis ball in her mouth, very thin, as she has quit eating since her sister was adopted. She would drop her ball, and hubby and I would take turns throwing it. Never once, would she come close enough to either of us to allow us to pet her. She wouldn't retrieve her ball from our hands, if we didn't throw it. Instead, she would cower with her tail tucked under her, stretch as far as she could, then run and hide behind her owner. She let out a few growls every now and then. After awhile we finally went inside and sat down, hoping if we ignored her she would come to us. She clearly liked men better then women, and that is okay, as she did manage to sneak up to hubby and lick his arm and face very quickly; then just as quickly backed away with her tail tucked, and climbed across the sofa back to hide under her owners legs. This time a few feet away from me, with another low growl.

No matter how long we stayed, she wasn't going to warm up to us. Needless to say, we were very disappointed when we drove away. I know with lots of time and patience, and the right experienced dog owner, she would come around, but sadly, our home and our schedule would not be right for her. She has all the makings of a fear biter. With running the childcare in my home, with me alone with her and the other dogs during the day, we have to admit, she would be too much of a risk here.

I don't know what will happen to her. I don't know what her future holds, or even if she has a future. I just wanted to hold her, and tell her everything was going to be okay, instead, as we drove away, I had this overwhelming feeling that we failed her. I can only hope the right family comes along for her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pilots N Paws Looking For Rescues

Pilots N Paws is trying to plan a 5,000 Animal Rescue Week to highlight security clearance requirements that may threaten air transport of animals.
The time chosen is roughly Sept. 12 to Sept. 20. THEY NEED RESCUES TO CONTACT THEM!!!!!! From all across the country!!! ASAP!!!

This is a dream for rescues! Let's help PILOTS n PAWS and get our animals to their new homes.

They ask that we choose trips of approximately 200 - 400 miles as that's about a one day trip for most pilots.

If you are a rescue and willing to participate, Please go to their blog and comment.


Air transport by volunteer pilots is so important. I think rescues would love this!!! The word is simply not getting to them. please pass this information on to rescue groups. CROSS POST like mad. We can't lose these pilots. They also need people to join as volunteer fosters.

They have a great interactive map showing volunteers and where pilots are located. Please help with this. Can you imagine 5,000 animals in the air in one week going to rescue or forever homes?!!!

Obviously, people can't hold dogs, but if enough can be located within a given distance of these airports, then whoever has an animal that needs to get somewhere that week, can participate.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It looks like summer has finally hit us really fast. Seems to always just sneak up on us here in the desert. The temperature soars from a nice 90 degrees, to a scorching hot 115, almost over night. Now only to get hotter over the next 2 months. We spend most days indoors, except in the late evenings and early mornings. It has wanted to rain the last few weeks, but we have gotten nothing. Not one drop. Normally I hate the rain, but we can really use some, just to cool down the ground for all the ferals that are trying to stay cool the best they can.

I have been a little under the weather lately, okay, I admit, not just lately, as many of you that have read my blog for awhile know I had been ill since last December. I thought finally I was getting better after seeing the doctor. Either I had a relapse, or I never really got better. Regardless, I had to revisit the doctor a couple weeks ago and have been on new antibiotics for the past two weeks. Oh my, I wasn't feeling good before the antibiotics, but these have had the worst side effects, and I have been miserable for the past couple weeks. Good news, today is my last day taking them. Bad news, I was told if I am not better I need to see a specialist, more tests. I'm not better. *sigh* I am so very tired, and just want to sleep, that is just not like me. I have been staying away from my computer trying to be more physically active trying to fight the lethargy I feel. I keep telling myself "I will get better, I will get better." And.....I know I will.

On to other news, Jeni is doing much better with her fear of hubby's cell phone. She still is not totally comfortable with it, but we are working with her and she is improving. She still wants to seek me out and climb on my back or in my lap, but not quite as panicky as she was.

Hubby attended our minor league baseball game here on Friday and Saturday evening. His company was a sponsor, and all the employees got to enjoy the game from the VIP Box. Hubby was also chosen to throw the first pitch of the game. the funny thing is, hubby and I are not really in to any sports, (well, except Nascar) and I asked him if he thought he should practice, afterall, the only ball throwing he has done over the years, is a tennis ball for the dogs, hahahahaha! I am pleased to say, with no practice, in front of thousands of spectators, he did very well, and he was honored to be chosen. He makes me Proud.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A New Toy

We bought this new scratcher last weekend. I must admit, no money is ever wasted when it comes to the cats. No matter what I buy for them, from the smallest cheapest toy, to the largest most expensive tree, they all get used and played with. They are so easy to please.

Lacee just loves to play in the tunnel part. Good news to report with Lacee, finally for the past three days, she has not gotten into any trouble climbing the walls or the door while being left alone. She has earned the privilege to wander about with the other cats now without my direct supervision. Hopefully we continue on this good streak.
Mac is always found laying or standing on the scratcher. In fact sometimes he becomes just a little bossy when the other cats want to play on it too. Here he got distracted with Oscar's tail.
I am such a bad mom, I just had to take this picture before I rescued Oscar's tail, Mac had no intentions on letting go.
LG is often found with just his head in the tunnel, trying to spy on Lacee from the opposite end.
Then he goes in for the quick sneak attack on the unsuspecting Lacee.
Don't feel sorry for her though, she is a tough little girl, and she is normally the one to pounce on another unsuspecting victim.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ice Skating

Here is the most recent video of my niece ice skating.
This is the Extemporaneous Improvisation Pre-Preliminary at Showcase 2009. She is 8 years old. The music for Extemp Improvisation is not revealed to the skaters until half an hour prior to competing. The skaters must then choreograph their own routine without assistance from anyone, including their coach.

She makes us so very proud.

If you want to view her other video's you can see them here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who's Missing

Ha, she looks kind of snobbish in this photo. Lacee wanted nothing to do with participating in a group photo session. She had her own agenda, as soon as I grabbed my camera, she grabbed the little brown mouse and jumped into the hammock out of view.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeni, and Random Thoughts

I seem to have less and less time to just sit at the computer and post on my blog lately. Many people have been asking me why I don't post more frequently. So for those wonderful, well meaning friends out there, that do not understand, I will explain.

I run a licensed daycare/preschool out of my home. I normally will get on my computer, if the children are sleeping, or have not arrived yet or have gone home for the day. Although business is slow these days, I do still have children to care for, and deal with random inspections from our Licensing office, Fire Department, and Health Department.

Dogs, cats, everywhere. Four dogs, (still having a hard time getting use to only having four now) and twelve cats, yikes! Yes, Seven cats inside, and the five ferals outside (often times, more). Plus normal trapping and rescue work. They all take quite a bit of my time. Between bathing, brushing, exercising, feeding, and cleaning up after all of them, oh and lets not forget just the cuddle and play time. I don't have much time left at the end of the day. Yes, I still have the normal household chores, and being a good wife. ( I do try, thank goodness hubby is a patient man).

Besides just my normal daily routines, we have had a few changes going on here in my house. My dogs are all requiring some extra attention right now. Between all of Jarie's health issues, which is a constant battle, Jessi's wild and energetic nature that keeps me moving, and reminding me that we have to forget our troubles and just take a few minutes each day to let our minds relax and get out and play. Then there is Bandit, oh boy, I think I will wait and share what I have to say about him in a special post.

Jeni, she is the reason I am posting today. She is having a very difficult time. For the past couple months she has been very stressed. Her stress escalated after we lost Jake. Jeni has always been very sound sensitive, and very in tune with our moods. She has always been my shadow and follows my every step.

She has become afraid of my hubby's cell phone. This all started when he received a phone call in the middle of the night from the alarm company for his work. As you can imagine being awakened from a sound sleep for the third night in a row, and have to get up and drive a half hour to your work place, you are not going to be very happy. His tone scared Jeni, and now she associates anytime he is on his cell phone, with his stress.

Now you all may be thinking this is an easy fix, just change the ring tone. Not quite that easy, the phone doesn't have to ring to stress Jeni, all hubby has to do is touch it. This has gotten to the point that Jeni almost broke her legs trying to get to me when he answered his phone. She was lying in his lap when he picked up his phone and Jeni leaped out of his lap and came running into the kitchen to find me, then she jumped up onto the kitchen counter. She couldn't hold on, and fell to the floor. Fortunately just a temporary limp that only lasted a few minutes.

So, lots of little issues we are now working on in my crazy house. Jeni loves hubby, and enjoys spending every moment she can with him when he is home, so we are working on this and will get her through it, lots of counter conditioning. No matter how well trained you think your dog is, training never stops.

For the past two weeks, all of us here only manage about four hours of sleep, so I think it is easy to say we are all tired and a bit stressed. I have neglected some good friends and very important people in my life this past month, not intentionally, my family is just needing a lot of my time right now.
She looks so tired here.
If you can, please keep some positive thoughts for Jeni, she can really use them.
I will try and catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrow Is Not A Guarantee

When we get a pet, we always hope they live a long, healthy, fun and safe life with us. Then when old age sets in and the time has come, we will say our heartfelt goodbyes as they leave us with the last breath they take. Our last embrace. It doesn't always happen like that though. We are all on borrowed time. We can lose a pet or a loved one in the prime of their lives from an accident or sudden illness.

If you knew it would be the last time your pet nudges you for some attention, a belly rub, a pat on the head, a toss of a ball, would you still not be in the mood because you have more important things to do, or would you take that time to make more memories? If you knew it would be the last time you wake up to a pair of soulful eyes staring at you, or a soft purr or a quiet bark, would you start your day rather irritated at the animals who meant the world to you; because they chewed or damaged something of importance? Or would you be thankful, they are here and healthy, and alive?

Tomorrow you may be saying goodbye to them. With the finality of never having the chance of saying, "I'm sorry", "I love you", or "goodbye" again. If you knew it would be the last time your pet would be welcoming you home at the door, would you still get angry when she runs off in some area of your yard trying to entice you to play a game of chase? Would you still ignore her, or scold her for not coming when called; because you are tired and had a hard day at work today? Or would you take that few minutes to return the favor, and show her how happy you are to see her too?

If you knew it would be the last time you see your children fall asleep, would you tuck them in more tightly, and read that story to them one more time, the same one they now have memorized word from word? If you knew it would be the last time you will see your loved one walk out the door, would you give him an extra hug and kiss and tell him how much you care? If you knew it would be the last time you would talk with your loved one, would you stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming they already know? If you knew it would be the last time that you would sit and talk about your day, would you take the time to share and listen, and not put off until tomorrow, things that need to be said or done today?

You may not get tomorrow, you may not get that second chance. Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "Thank you," "I love you" or "It's okay.

Love and cherish your Friends, Family, and Pets as if today will be your last day together. Sadly, sometimes it takes a tragedy to occur before people realize what they had and to appreciate what they have before they are taken from you.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee, live for today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

Mikah and Buttons
Summer is here and the outside feral cats are feeling the heat. I tend to worry more about them during the summer months, as it is so difficult for them to try and stay cool in the desert heat.

Prudence and Mikah
I try to keep the ground wet to keep it cool for the cats. I also go through quite a bit of ice during the summer to keep their water bowls cool. I have a feeling it is going to be a long summer.
They look content though, don't they.

Their favorite place to sleep is underneath the patio swing right outside my back door. I think it is the coolest spot for them. Many times all four would be cuddled together under there.

The Karl
The Karl sure is handsome. I still can not get that close to him. He will leave the yard if I go outside, or he will jump on a wall and watch me. I am now a little concerned, but not sure if I need to be. The last couple of days, I was thinking he looked skinnier, so I have tried to get a better look, hard to do with him without zooming in with the camera.

I noticed yesterday his fur on his right side is missing. A huge patch, almost like he was shaved just on the side. I don't see any indication that there is a problem, perhaps he rubbed the hair off somehow. I haven't been able to see his other side yet, so I will try and do that today. He is eating good and hanging out more in the shelter and in the yard, so if I determine I need a better look I may have to trap him again.

Never a dull moment.