Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pilots N Paws Looking For Rescues

Pilots N Paws is trying to plan a 5,000 Animal Rescue Week to highlight security clearance requirements that may threaten air transport of animals.
The time chosen is roughly Sept. 12 to Sept. 20. THEY NEED RESCUES TO CONTACT THEM!!!!!! From all across the country!!! ASAP!!!

This is a dream for rescues! Let's help PILOTS n PAWS and get our animals to their new homes.

They ask that we choose trips of approximately 200 - 400 miles as that's about a one day trip for most pilots.

If you are a rescue and willing to participate, Please go to their blog and comment.


Air transport by volunteer pilots is so important. I think rescues would love this!!! The word is simply not getting to them. please pass this information on to rescue groups. CROSS POST like mad. We can't lose these pilots. They also need people to join as volunteer fosters.

They have a great interactive map showing volunteers and where pilots are located. Please help with this. Can you imagine 5,000 animals in the air in one week going to rescue or forever homes?!!!

Obviously, people can't hold dogs, but if enough can be located within a given distance of these airports, then whoever has an animal that needs to get somewhere that week, can participate.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It looks like summer has finally hit us really fast. Seems to always just sneak up on us here in the desert. The temperature soars from a nice 90 degrees, to a scorching hot 115, almost over night. Now only to get hotter over the next 2 months. We spend most days indoors, except in the late evenings and early mornings. It has wanted to rain the last few weeks, but we have gotten nothing. Not one drop. Normally I hate the rain, but we can really use some, just to cool down the ground for all the ferals that are trying to stay cool the best they can.

I have been a little under the weather lately, okay, I admit, not just lately, as many of you that have read my blog for awhile know I had been ill since last December. I thought finally I was getting better after seeing the doctor. Either I had a relapse, or I never really got better. Regardless, I had to revisit the doctor a couple weeks ago and have been on new antibiotics for the past two weeks. Oh my, I wasn't feeling good before the antibiotics, but these have had the worst side effects, and I have been miserable for the past couple weeks. Good news, today is my last day taking them. Bad news, I was told if I am not better I need to see a specialist, more tests. I'm not better. *sigh* I am so very tired, and just want to sleep, that is just not like me. I have been staying away from my computer trying to be more physically active trying to fight the lethargy I feel. I keep telling myself "I will get better, I will get better." And.....I know I will.

On to other news, Jeni is doing much better with her fear of hubby's cell phone. She still is not totally comfortable with it, but we are working with her and she is improving. She still wants to seek me out and climb on my back or in my lap, but not quite as panicky as she was.

Hubby attended our minor league baseball game here on Friday and Saturday evening. His company was a sponsor, and all the employees got to enjoy the game from the VIP Box. Hubby was also chosen to throw the first pitch of the game. the funny thing is, hubby and I are not really in to any sports, (well, except Nascar) and I asked him if he thought he should practice, afterall, the only ball throwing he has done over the years, is a tennis ball for the dogs, hahahahaha! I am pleased to say, with no practice, in front of thousands of spectators, he did very well, and he was honored to be chosen. He makes me Proud.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A New Toy

We bought this new scratcher last weekend. I must admit, no money is ever wasted when it comes to the cats. No matter what I buy for them, from the smallest cheapest toy, to the largest most expensive tree, they all get used and played with. They are so easy to please.

Lacee just loves to play in the tunnel part. Good news to report with Lacee, finally for the past three days, she has not gotten into any trouble climbing the walls or the door while being left alone. She has earned the privilege to wander about with the other cats now without my direct supervision. Hopefully we continue on this good streak.
Mac is always found laying or standing on the scratcher. In fact sometimes he becomes just a little bossy when the other cats want to play on it too. Here he got distracted with Oscar's tail.
I am such a bad mom, I just had to take this picture before I rescued Oscar's tail, Mac had no intentions on letting go.
LG is often found with just his head in the tunnel, trying to spy on Lacee from the opposite end.
Then he goes in for the quick sneak attack on the unsuspecting Lacee.
Don't feel sorry for her though, she is a tough little girl, and she is normally the one to pounce on another unsuspecting victim.