Monday, September 27, 2010

Work Frustrations, and Sick Puppies

I have been away longer then I intended to be. I thought while I have a minute I will write a quick explanation.

September has proven to be a horrible month. Work is keeping me quite busy. After having my licensed childcare/preschool business for 17 years, another jurisdiction is taking over all the childcare licenses in my county. What this means is instead of me just sending in my renewal licensing fee like I normally do, I have had to fill out stacks of paperwork, applications, more fees, and more classes to attend, in order to renew my license. Quite frustrating, as it feels more like I am applying all over again. All of this paperwork, and running around trying to get everything done in a timely manner, isn't something that can be done in a week.

The good news is, I finally finished it all, and it is now in the mail. Hopefully everything is correct with it all.

Now the bad news. All of my dogs have been sick and we can't figure out why. Some sort of virus we think. Annie was the first to get sick, but recovered after a couple of days. Next came Bandit and Jeni, they prefer to do everything together I guess. They are currently being treated with antibiotics, and much improved, but have lost a lot of weight in just a couple of days.

This morning Jarie was rushed to the vet with similar symptoms as the others. Of course with Jarie, having a compromised immune system, IBD, and von Willebrands Disease, an illness like this can affect her very seriously. She is still at the vets as I type this, and we are not sure yet, when she will be coming home.

If anyone has any prayers to spare, Jarie sure could use them.