Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heaven Has Another Angel

Bandit 11-1-1999/ 3-20-12

I keep trying to come up with the right words. How do I put into words the life I shared for 12 years with a dog like Bandit? I can't. 

Bandit's breeder told me when he was still with the litter, that he would need to go to an obedience home. A home that not only knew aussies, but also one that was actively involved in obedience training. To put it mildly, he wasn't an easy dog. He had a lot of attitude and personality, and felt he had to be the center of attention everywhere he went, and he got it. That made him who he was. Everyone that met him, loved him. He never took life seriously. He just lived life, expecting everyday, every moment, was being created just for him. I can't remember a single day that he was not happy.

Most importantly, he was my very special Lit'l Man. He was my constant shadow. I couldn't even move an inch without him taking notice and being right there. He often knew what I was thinking, before I did. He would console me in my lowest moments. We had a connection, like we were one.

Bandit was a picture of health. perfect, in every way, then something went wrong. He never aged. He never slowed down. I knew when it was going to be his time to leave this earth, everything would just stop, he would stop, with no warning. Like he did everything else in his life, he would just be Bandit.

Five weeks ago, I felt his last breath, my first without him. I don't know how to be me, without him.  

He was my everything, I miss him so very much, my heart aches.

Rest in Peace My beautiful Lit'l Man.