Monday, November 30, 2009

History Repeating Itself

I took this photo almost three years ago. A beautiful Linx Point Siamese male feral. He would sleep next to Oscar when Oscar was hanging out in the shelter. I always believed he was Mac's daddy, as Mac looked identical to him as a kitten. I could never get near him, but he didn't seem to be a fighter. He just wanted a warm place to stay and food to eat.

It has been almost three years since I took this photo also. I referred to this boy as *The Mean Guy*. One big tough tomcat he was. Fighting all hours of the night and early morning. He is the one who did the most damage to my sweet Oscar, causing so many injuries. He also use to fight with the guy in the above photo too. It seemed that the Linx Point and Oscar both just needed a safe place away from the dangers of street life and mean tomcats.
I spent hours, days, and weeks, trying to trap *The Mean Guy*. He wouldn't have it. He was trap wise, and avoided the trap like the plague.

Once I brought Oscar inside, The Mean Guy disappeared, and so did the Linx Point. Never again to be seen. Oscar, my sweet angel boy, who was so traumatized by the fighting, he panics if any of the cats touch him with their paws. They all seem to understand and tend to be gentle with him, and allow him to just be the calm sweet boy he is.

Now, the story turns. I took this photo this week. A beautiful Linx Point Siamese. After many photos and observing this boy, I have come to the conclusion, he is the same boy that disappeared nearly three years ago. Still beautiful, don't you think?

I have no idea whatever happened to The Mean Guy, perhaps he is still out there too, somewhere. For now, we have The Karl. You all must remember me posting about Karl. He is such a sweet boy, that has taken over my yard and shelter as his territory. He has accepted his place in the colony, and my shelter is his home.

The problem now is history is repeating itself. Instead of The Mean Guy, we now have The Karl and The Linx Point, fighting, all hours of the night, and early morning. This happens, I am use to it. Until I can get them trapped, and The Linx Point neutered, fighting will continue. These two are often found nose to nose screaming at each other, until I can break it up, but also they can be found sleeping within a couple feet of each other.

My sweet sweet Oscar. Even with the safety of being indoors, and no longer being on the receiving end of all the fighting, he is still getting hurt. Oscar is inside minding his own business, enjoying the comforts of indoor living, curled up on his soft bed, dreaming whatever cats dream of, to be awakened by screaming, yowling, fighting cats outside the window.

Oscar is so traumatized from his past, it is natural for him to run and hide. He becomes so panicked, that he keeps scraping his back trying to hide. He tried to run past the other cats on one of the shelves in the cat room, and fell off the shelf. He tried to hold on, and climb up, and scraped his back in the process. I finally got his wound looking better, then it happened again last night.

When I first discovered the wound, I was very upset. All what went through my mind was one of the cats had hurt him. I promised Oscar when I brought him in nearly three years ago, no harm would ever come to him again, he will always be safe. Then when I witnessed how he was scraping his back, and realized what was happening, trapping the Linx Point became a priority. I can not allow Oscar to be injured.

On another important note, Oscar has Nasal Cancer. I don't know how long he has, but I do know that he has suffered more in his life then he ever deserved, and I will not allow him to suffer even one day. He is doing okay for now, but in order for Oscar to continue to live his peaceful life, I need to stop history from repeating itself. I sure hope The Mean Guy doesn't suddenly reappear too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Maiya Update

Thank you all so very much for the prayers and good thoughts for Maiya and her family.
Her mom doesn't know what to think, and just continues to feel Maiya is a miracle.

Maiya has been off the feeding tube for nine days now, and has surprised us all. She is doing wonderful with all of her mouth feedings. She is being fed four small meals a day, and held up in the upright position for 20-30 minutes after each meal to allow gravity to help the food pass through her esophagus and make it to her stomach. As of today she has not regurgitated any of her meals, that alone is not normal. Even with the tube feedings, she would still regurgitate some.

So, Maiya continues to surprise us all. She is happy, energetic, and enjoying being able to eat and act like a normal dog.

We still have no idea what tomorrow will bring, with Megaesophagus being such a serious disease, things can change quite drastically overnight, and the care for a Mega-E dog is very individualized. Her family is taking each day they have with Maiya as a blessing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Maiya, and Megaesophagus

I wrote about Maiya a while back. You can read about her and Megaesophagus here.

Maiya will no longer keep her feeding tubes in. We think they are starting to bother her, as she is constantly pulling them out.

Maiya's family will manage her for as long as they can with mouth feedings; but they don't suspect that will last long. Then again, Maiya is always full of surprises so no telling what will happen. This is a very trying time for Maiya's family, they are now walking into the unknown.

In the end...Maiya will tell them what to do. They are listening. We don't know what tomorrow will bring.

If you believe in the power of prayer, please say a prayer for Maiya and her family.

A few photos taken recently of Maiya playing with her little brother.
Silly girl.