Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Jake was nine years old when we discovered a mass on his right maxillary lip. October of 2007 we sent him in for surgery to have it removed and biopsied.

It was a Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor. Our worst fear, Cancer. Neurofibrosarcoma. We had an appointment with the Oncologist. His was a low grade, mitotic index was 3. This type of tumor is locally invasive and frequently occur, but rarely metastasize in low grades.

They often affect the limbs, and can cause neurological problems, lethargy, and lameness. These tumors often grow back within a year, most times sooner. Jake's prognosis was fair to possibly long term guarded. The complete removal of the tumor could not be guaranteed, as the margins were clean in some areas, however, the mass contacted the deep ink margin, and this may reflect some degree of deep tissue shrinkage/retraction.

First day home from surgery.
First week home from surgery.

His daily walk for exercise.

We had to check to see if the cancer had spread to other areas before deciding what our next step was. His Lymphnodes were biopsied, Lungs xrayed, and ultrasound of the liver and spleen performed. All clear of cancer. We were so relieved, as the Oncologist told us if this had spread, those would be the first places it would spread to.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been suggested for Jake to have a second surgery to make a wider margin, they would have to take part of the lip, and he would undergo radiation treatments. Due to the complications he went through during the recovery process after the first
surgery, the Oncologist, our vet, and us, decided not to go that route. We chose to give supportive care during whatever time we have left with him and make it quality time.

I spent hours every evening doing research on Neurofibrosarcoma and the cancer yahoo groups, to find supplements that may help fight cancer, or at least prolong it from returning. A list of supplements I found to aid him are IP6, CoQ10, Selenium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

It has been eleven months since Jake was first diagnosed, and up until now he has been cancer free. He will be due for more xrays and ultrasounds soon to see if the cancer has returned. We are hopeful.

Enjoying ice cream on his 10th birthday this past June.

Where he can be found most days.
11 months later, a happy boy.


elsieflynn said...

aww jake,
he's got a special place in my heart

troutbirder said...

Hang in there Jake. You the man!

Dog_geek said...

Oooh, I was almost afraid to read this post when I saw the title. I'm glad to hear that Jake is still truckin' along and cancer-free. Here's hoping for a clean bill of health at his checkup!

margaret said...

What a good boy! Hooray for you, Jake! You are strong--and obviously much loved.

Betty said...

I am in constant awe of the wonderful lengths to which my blog friends go for their furry friends. Jake is beautiful...I look forward to meeting him soon! Take care.

Shirla said...

Jake is a beautiful dog!

Your welcome for the recipe. I like it because it is not only yummy, it is super easy to make.

Dana said...

Jake is beautiful, you both are lucky to have each other. I noticed in the pictures how peaceful your walk with Jake looked. My dogs pull me like Im as light as a feather. That keeps me from wanting to walk them. I know how important walks are, do you have any advice for a more positive walking experience?

T said...

Aw, thank you all. Jake is doing quite well.
dog geek, sorry to scare you with the title. Jake is a good boy, one of the best dogs I have ever been blessed with. He has slowed down the last 6 months, but otherwise doing good.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Jake.
My golden was recently diagnosed
with neurofibrosarcoma so
my dog Allie is also fighting
this too. Thanks for posting your
supplement regimen.


T said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment.

I am so sorry you are going through this with Allie. Cancer is a very scary thing. Just keep doing your research, and make sure you check out the Yahoo Cancer groups. There is a lot of information there.

My best wishes for Allie and you too. Take care of her, and just make every day count.


advr1972 said...

My Jack Russell, Jake, was diagnosed with Neurofibrosarcoma today. He is 5 years old. They also gave him a fair to guarded prognosis. Today starts my research and my fight to keep my lil guy with me as long as I can. Big hugs to your Jake too!

T said...


I am terribly sorry for your little guy, Jake (nice name;)). He is so young. I really hope he recovers nicely and gives you many more years.

There is a lot of information out there, so educate yourself. Several different cancer diets, home cooked can help more then you know, and the right supplements also. Along with discussing all of your options with Jake's Oncologist.

Best of luck, and big hugs
Please keep in touch and let me know how your little guy does.

Anonymous said...

I like you are searching for an answer... Our dog Rocky, 12 yrs old had a lump on her head, the vet said it didn’t look too "ugly" just watch it, she is old and fibroid tumors are not uncommon for her age. Well within 6 months she was limping and has MANY more "lumps". We had two from her head biopsied… Neurofibrosarcoma, high grade, one index 23 one index 40. It is a matter of time for her. I bet she has 20 or 30 lumps… Every time we pet her we find new ones… So we have her on pain meds and are loving her extra and giving her table scraps for the first time in her life… She doesn’t want to eat and it breaks my heart. I sure hope your baby is still healthy and you get to love him for many more years. I will add Jake to my prayer with my Rocky.


T said...

Just an update. Jake passed away on May 3rd, 2009. His tribute is here

Or you can click on his picture on my side bar to read his tribute.

sandra said...

It is with great interest that I read your blog about Jake. My dog, German Shepherd mix 10 years old, has neurofibrosarcoma on her ankle. We had it removed but because of the location the vet is not sure he got all the cancer cells; therefore, radiation therapy is recommended. After consultation with a radiation oncologist I am not so sure about this approach. The treatment is long, difficult and expensive. How did your vitamin therapy work out? I would like to give my "Rosita" a couple more years of quality life. Thanks for sharing.

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